Monday, January 14, 2013


Getting my key-chain  from my purse is a hassle I go through every time. I have 2 key-chains in my purse, one is mine and the other is work. Once I find the right key-chain, getting the right key was another job. I do not carry lots of keys in my key-chain, just the car keys and house keys.
Myself and Sanjeev carry both the car keys in our key-chains. And we bought own a Toyota so the keys look similar.
And we have 2 keys to the house, one for the main door and one when we come through the garage.
You still there?????

Ok, now I never had the luck to open the door and start the car with the right key.
So the solution: COLOR CODE THE KEYS.

I picked 4 nail polish from my stash. I have reasons for these colors too....
I had to make the keys stand so I could apply the nail polish on both sides. Found a thermocol from a recently purchased electronic device box.
My car is red, so painted red color on my car key. Sanjeev's is silver.
Our main door is green and the door through the garage is yellow.
I was at Target sometime around Thanksgiving and saw this napkin ring with bells for $3. A light bulb went on about how to put to use, yes other than as a napkin ring. 
Once the nail polish were dry on the keys, I sealed them with a clear coat so the paint would not chip off or scratch off. And here I present my color coded keys.  
Now when I put my hand inside my purse, the bells on the ring tells me where they are and no more cursing when I use the keys. I always have the right key.