Sunday, February 10, 2013


You had seen the mint colored paint in my son's room in one of the post earlier.
We wanted to paint the walls but myself and Hubby were not agreeing on the same color. Sanjeev wanted some bright color and I did not. So I decided to at least paint the room a white color and then later we could see what could be done. One step at a time.
Sanjeev was with me on this.
So during the December 2011 long weekend, I painted the room all white. I took 2 days to paint 2 coats. In between the paint jobs, I had to cook, attend a birthday party, a Christmas dinner and other chores.
Once the room was painted white, we both liked it but I was itching to do something. I asked Sanjeev if we could do stripes on the wall behind the bed.
Hubby said "Again? No, please no more stripes".
Couple of weeks later, this is what we ended up doing...Stripes!
And Hubby did help. He was easy to convince on this one.
Here's how we went with:
The wall is 94" long from ceiling to the floor including the base board.
I wanted the top stripe to be yellow and we went with 6.75" for the thickness of the stripes.
Couple of the stripes might be 6.5" and couple of them 7". Might be. You can measure which ones are and let me know.
There would be 14 stripes in total. 7 yellow and 7 white.
Using a leveler, I measured and marked each stripe.
The stripe that will be painted, tape off with painter's tape along the top and bottom of the marking.
Stripe that you will be painting will be wider and the one you will not paint will be narrow.
Once the taping is all done, this is how it will look.
I taped the walls. It took me little more than an hour to finish taping. 
Sanjeev offered to help seal the tapes with the base color which was white so the yellow paint would not seep through the tape and get on to the next stripe. 
You can see in the below picture how it looks. Make sure to use a marking on the tape you will paint or will not paint. 
Using a mini roller, I painted a yellow color, called "sunshine yellow".Took couple of hours to finish. I left it to dry for half an hour and then I removed the tapes.
We were happy how it turned out. The room was still not complete.
The nightstand that you see, was a wooden table that Sanjan used as desk for couple of years when he was younger.
When we moved to this house, we bought a bigger desk from Walmart so the smaller desk became a nightstand.
Both the bigger desk and the smaller desk were white, which I painted a navy blue.
I had these wall shelves from Ikea, which got painted navy blue too so they could look coordinated.
The red chair is from Ikea too.
The Ikea fabric ended up as curtains. I had 5 yrds of it, so I was able to stitch it ceiling to floor length. I hung the curtains on the rod using clip rings from Ikea.

It took few months to come to this stage. Weekends are the only time when I get to do my tweaks, but then there are weekends we would have some other commitments or busy with something else, these job gets postponed.
I will reveal the complete room in the next post.

When I asked Sanjeev why did he agree to go with the stripe for Sanjan's room, he replied," It was nothing permanent. It's just paint, we could always change it". And knowing me he must be so sure, I would change it. Soon. In couple of years. For. Sure.