Sunday, March 10, 2013


Few weeks ago, I picked up a glass vase for .50 cents on the clearance shelf at TJ Maxx. When I came home, I saw that it was not a vase but a cover for some hurricane lamp or something. At bottom, it was written "Do not fill with water".

I had to make use of the vase. One of my favorite blogger Kate, had shared the tutorial for a paint swirl vase. And I wanted to do it. It's very easy and simple too.
You need a glass vase and 2 different color craft paint.
Go for contrasting colors. Personally, I feel white goes very well with the primary colors.
I washed and dried the vase.

I picked the white and the metallic gold color which I had. I am working on my kitchen counter, please ignore the grout color. 
Note to self: Next time avoid working on the counter unless you whiten and brighten the grout.
I dropped few dollops of white paint first inside the vase. Slowly swirl the paint around the vase till it covers the entire base surface. 
I tried to cover a little more area in white.
After the first swirl, add the second color right on the first color. My case, I went with the metallic gold color.
Then start rotating the vase round and round very slowly. You need to have lots of patience. Since the paint is thicker, it moves very slowly. I watching an episode of "Downton Abbey". 
I added few drops of water to dilute the paint and the result was not good. So do not add water.
Keep swirling the paint towards the top of the vase. You will see that both the paint colors would already be forming a marble effect.
If you feel there is not enough paint, you can go ahead and add a drop or 2 of either of the paint.
Once the paint reached the top of the vase, turn it upside down and try to get the leftover paint on a paper towel. But rest it on an aluminum foil and not on paper towel since the paper got stuck to the rim of the vase with paint.
I just scrapped it off.

Kate says to lay the vase on their side to dry so the paint doesn't drip back down with gravity. I did lay the vase on its side for couple of hours and then before going to bed, turned it upside down. 
Next morning, I turned it straight and let it dry for couple of days. 
And here is the Swirl marble effect vase. Ta da.....

Let me save your finger the pain of scrolling to see the before.
This one is my second vase, the first one I did was with a turquoise blue and white color which I gifted to a friend. I will ask her for the picture and will share with you guys.

Its so easy even kids can do it. They can do it with a smaller vase. They would not have the patience to sit for the bigger vase.