Monday, August 12, 2013


Long before I started my blog, I used to visit blogs related to interior design and DIY.  Blogs of very talented and inspiring bloggers. I would stalk visit these blogs very often. I still do. I will share with you all these bloggers and their makeovers in this "INSPIRING BLOGGERS" series.
Today's blogger is Michelle from 4men1lady. I started visiting her blog when it was "3 men and a lady" which she changed to "4men1lady" after birth of her 3rd son.

I love the way Michelle designs. They are always very simple and easy to copy get inspired by her style. Today's post is about her Master Bedroom makeover.
She painted a darker shade of grey for the accent wall and a lighter shade of grey on the rest of the walls. She matched her curtains to the darker shade. But she went white with her bed, dresser and chair and used yellow as her pop up color. One can never go wrong with grey and yellow.
This is the wall opposite her bed.
For which she found this dresser on craigslist.
She painted yellow and changed the knobs. An instant upgrade. I am sure, you did scroll up to give a second look at the before. I do it all the time.

She found these dressers in plain for nightstands, which she painted white and upgraded the knobs.
What a change the small tweaks do.
These ring pulls are my favorite.
This $29 Homegoods mirror got tweaked too.
Using these bamboo skewers and hot glue.
She glued skewers on the back of the mirror like this.

And spray painted to this.
I loved the white tufted bed and the bedding. And of course the yellow dresser. What did you like the most?

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