Sunday, October 6, 2013


The Bookcase ended up in my son's room. I gave it a third chance.

When we moved to our house, I bought this desk and chair for his room. This picture was clicked before the makeover to his room.
The desk and the chair was one of my impulse purchases. Mr. Tweaks argued that Sanjan is too young to be alone in his room studying or doing his homework. He was a Kindergartener at that time. But when I want it, I just want it (hope, I am not the only person out there.....).
And to prove Mr.’s point, my son rarely ever sat at his desk to do homework or any other activities. It was always on the dining table or the kitchen table. It also helped us to keep an eye on him when he was downstairs.
When I painted his room, I went ahead and painted the table a Navy blue color.

And then sold the black chair on the Craigslist and bought this red swivel chair from IKEA to make the room more colorful. 
I had these Ikea wall shelves, which I painted the same blue color to match the desk. Shopped the house for all the decor stuff on the shelves. 
I was happy with how the desk and chair made a difference in the room but not to my son. He still preferred dining table/kitchen table. I did bribe him to use the desk. He would sit for couple days and then return back to his old place. The only use of the desk was the drawers. It stored all his knick knacks.
That’s it; it was time for the table and chair to go.
I did a touch up where required on the desk with the left over paint. Then both the desk and the chair went on the Craigslist.
I had paid $130 for the desk and $30 for the chair. Posted the table for $80 and chair for $25. A young woman picked the chair the next day and an elderly person picked it for his granddaughter. He asked if he could pay $60, somehow I could not refuse. I handed the left over paint just in case he ever required for any touch ups. No one came for the shelves though. 

At a time like this, I avoid any eye contact with Mr. Tweaks for couple days......(hope you do that too). 
He does not say anything, just raises his eyebrows up and down and a smile that says, "I told you so". An almost like this look....
Told you so...
Once the desk and chair were gone, that space remained empty. I had this rocking chair from IKEA, which I moved to his room.
This is the only picture I could find.
My almost 8 year old loves to read. A lot. He buys books, borrows from the city library as well from his school library. He does have space in his closet (will show his closet in another post) for his books and school stuff. And he did need couple more shelf space for his books. Perfect place to shift the bookcase to.

Here is the sneak peak of the bookcase in his room:
Do you like what you see?

Happy Navarathri to all my friends and readers who celebrate.

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