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Even though the bookcase makeover was the most easiest and simplest one, it received the maximum number of visits on the blog in one day.
As I had mentioned, we had this plain simple metal bookends. Something like this. It always stayed behind closed cabinets, not something I wanted to display.
Bookend: Before.
When the need for the bookend for the books came, I tweaked it by spray painting it red (which I somehow always have on hand). Couple coats later, it still looked little too plain.
Few weeks earlier, Sanjan came home with this little horsey. He had collected some dollar points at his after school program and that particular day the after school guys had asked the kids to use their dollar points. Sanjan did not find anything he wanted so he picked this horsey for "Amma" (mother). When he gave it to me, I asked what was I supposed to do with it. He replied, "Tweak it". 

I had no idea what would I do with it and did not want to spoil its mane by spray painting. So it went into to clutter box "To be used somewhere for something" box.

I had seen bookends with the horse head at stores, and instead of just the horse head as bookends, I used the horse for the bookend. Using a Fix-All adhesive, I squeezed a drop of it on bottom of each foot and stuck it on the flat part of the metal bookend.
I looked around to use something as support to make the horse to stand still, my water bottle came to my rescue. It did make sure the horse stood still till the adhesive dried. I let it dry overnight.
And then the day when we arranged the bookcase, I used this tweaked bookend for the books.

I am sharing with you all the free coloring printable version of "I love everything about you" that you see on this wall.
I printed it on a regular white paper, then colored it. And then framed it in an IKEA frame. I had the orange poster board left over from a previous project, so I cut it the size of the backing for the frame, using double sided tape, stuck the "I love..." sheet on it.
This is created by Vanessa at Tried & True. You should visit her blog for more.
And you can click below for the FREE printable page.
I Love Everything Free Printable Coloring Page (8.5×11)

Thank you all for visiting. Have a wonderful week.

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