Sunday, June 1, 2014


Going with a navy blue and white room for the family room, the next decor I worked on were the pillows for the sofa.
Finding navy blue and white pillows in different prints was not easy. It really is easier to find the fabric of your liking and stitching a cover.

In above picture, I picked the blue and white chevron fabric at a fabric store last year. The blue and white floral fabric at Joann's fabric and I bought the long one with the floral cover in the center from IKEA.

Also I picked the pillow forms/inserts from IKEA in a 20x20 size.
I am not a seamstress nor an expert at sewing. Just very basic sewing I can do. There are different ways to stitch the covers. I know how to stitch the envelope cover and the other is what I am sharing here.
(The pictures I took when I stitched the pillow covers are lost. So I picked this left over piece of fabric and sharing how I went with it).
This is not a tutorial.
I had one and half yard of fabric. Since the pillow insert is 20x20, I cut the fabric in 42"x 21". So when you fold in half, it is 21"x21".
 Fold the seams at both the ends and stitch it. Like this.
Fold in half, the right side inside and wrong side outside. Just pretend the seams are stitched in the below picture. Then stitch close the top and bottom like the picture below, leaving one side open. (Do iron the fabric once you cut to measurement).
Turn the finished pillow cover right side out, stuff with your pillow insert from the opening.
Now to close the cover. You can either run it through your sewing machine or stitch with needle and thread or use fabric glue or stitch witchery. I stitched close like this.

The floral pillow covers.

 Hope, you can see the stitches in these.
The result. 
I was not very sure if I should be going with different prints on fabric. But then its only fabric, I can always change when I want. 
I spent less than $10 on each pillow including the pillow insert and fabric.
I am done with the following for the family room:
I still have few more projects that I will be sharing. Few complete, one going on and one more to do before I share the complete room.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.



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  2. After completing a project the energy and confidence which we are getting from it is wonderful. Two three week before I also did one cushion project (envelope cushion). Indeed you have done a wonderful job…

    1. That's nice. Envelope cushion covers are so easy to stitch. Recently, I stitched few for my living room. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Beautiful is coming along great!!

    1. Thank you Nayana. I have been on this room for 2 yrs now...can you believe it?