Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This is my first blog entry. I am excited to show you all the small little tweaks that I do around my home. 
I had bought this bed tray years ago from Bed Bath & Beyond for working on my laptop. Later started using it for my son when he would want to eat something watching TV or for his drawing.

Bed Tray

It was time for a change and I wanted something to work on.

I covered the center portion with newspaper and painter's tape.
Spray painted the sides and the legs of the tray in red ..... used Krylon Cherry Red which I had from a previous project.
Sprayed the first coat evenly and then the second coat after a 30 mins.
I did the mistake of not sanding...if you are painting anything, do sand it and wipe the dust before painting.
Let it dry for a day. 
For the center of the tray, I planned on using a gift wrapper but I had these scrapbook papers from Michael's. Use what you have....

Cut these sheets to fit the inside of the tray. I tried to align both the sheets so that they look like a single sheet.
Spread a thick layer of Modge Podge using a foam brush onto the Tray. Then laid the sheets on the tray and pressed them using an old credit card.
Seal it with one more coat of modge podge on the sheets using the foam brush.

Let it dry for few hours before using.
This is what it looks now…..


  1. Reshma,

    Its fabulous. Not many of us can put good use of our ideas into actual practise.

  2. Just love the result.