Thursday, November 1, 2012


Hello Friends,

I appreciate all your comments.
I received couple of emails wanting to know much I had spent and requested the step by step instruction for the Bed Tray project.
I apologize for not having clicked pictures during the project. I made this 3 years ago.

Here we go..

  • Spray paint or paint can.
  • Primer
  • Modge Podge
  • Sand paper
  • Foam brush
  • Scrapbook/Stock papers, any gift wrapping paper of your choice
  • Paint brush in case you are using paint from the container

                Spray Paint, Scrapbook Paper, Sandpaper, Foam Brush, Modge Podge


First sand the area you are going to paint. Sanding helps the paint to adhere to the surface and gives a smooth finish.

Wipe off the dust with a dry cloth.

Cover the area you do not want to paint with paper and tape.

Find an open space to prime and paint. In case of spray paint, make sure the paint does not spray on the wall or any other surface.

I use old flattened card board boxes while painting so I do not stain the floor.

If you are painting with paint and brush you just need to worry about the floor.
I do not have the patience to sit and paint. I did not prime my tray but you can prime it if you want to. It has something to do with my patience.
Tip for spray painting is you need spray evenly and keep moving or you will have the paint drips. After the first coat, wait for 30 mins and go for second coat.

Let it dry for 24hrs. The paint needs to cure.

Once the tray is dry, cut the scrap paper to size of the area you want to cover.

Since my tray was bigger than the 12x12, I had to cut the second paper to align with the design. If I was using a gift wrapper or if the tray was smaller, the job would have been easier.

Using the foam brush, apply modge podge on the tray. Foam brushes helps to cover the area better and Modge podge is quick-drying glue which dries clear. The paper glued does not tear when wiped with wet cloth or when water spills on it.

Lay the paper on the tray and use an old credit card to smooth out. This way you avoid any bubbles.

Later seal the paper top with another layer of modge podge and let it air dry for a day.

Ta da… are ready to use your customized tray.

Cost break down:

Tray: $8 (Bed bath beyond using 20% off coupon)

Paint: $3 (Michael’s using 50% off coupon)

Modge podge: $4 (Michael’s using 40% off coupon)

Scrapbook Papers: 25 cents each (Michael’s on sale)

Foam Brush: 10 cents each (Michaels’ 10 for a $1)

Sand Paper: $1 (Dollar Store 10 sheets for a $1)

TOTAL: $16.60

I had every material from previous projects.
So I spent only .50 cents for the scrapbook papers.

Please do share your pictures if you do the project.



  1. Reshma,it is really very beautiful and you are such a creative person.I will definitely try this simple looking(but I know hard working)tray craft.Keep it up dear. waiting to see more and much more creativities from you.