Monday, November 12, 2012

Our first client's guest bedroom tweak

Today's post is the Guest Bedroom makeover for one of our very dear family friends Mr & Mrs. H.
I do not have a before picture of the room but just imagine an empty room with beige paint on the wall. The only furniture was full size mattress set with the frame. This is the after picture.

The story goes like this:
2 years ago, I got an idea that I could do room makeover in a budget. And I wanted....of course, a room.
And someone who would give me the opportunity to do so.
I asked my close friend, Shree, who shares similar interest as me, if she wanted to join me in this venture. She agreed, so off we went to Mr.  &  Mrs. H's home and we forced convinced them that we could do a makeover to their guest bedroom for $350. 
The mood board that was presented to them was:

As expected, they said, "Go Ahead".

We had to buy paint, headboard, bedding, nightstand, curtains, lamp and some decor.
The first weekend we shopped for the headboard, nightstand, sheet sets, comforter, curtain, paint and supplies for painting.
Next weekend early Saturday morning, Myself and Shree, cleared the room of everything. Taped and painted the walls. We both took almost 3 hrs to finish 2 coats of painting with couple of breaks. And lots and lots of talking….

Once the painter's tape was remove, we assembled the headboard, fixed it to the metal frame of the mattress. We opened our shopping bags, for bed skirt, sheet sets, pillow cases and the comforter.
This night stand was on clearance at Big Lots with some scratches on it. Nothing a sandpaper and spray paint could not cover.

Due to space constrain, for right side of the bed, I preferred to use a wall shelf rather than a nightstand. We bought this shelf from Home depot cut to size and used shelf 2 brackets to fix it to the wall. The shelf was spray painted to match the nightstand.

I wanted curtains with prints that matched the blue of the wall. We did not find any at the stores. So off to Joanne we went to select material so it could be stitched. We had a budget so could not buy what we liked. Finally, selected this plain fabric that was exact match to the wall paint. Shree stitched them. She hemmed the bottoms and folded on the top for the drapery rod insert.
Just so the curtains do not blend into the wall, we bought this brown decor trim which was stitched on the top of the curtains.

These decor box shelves which came in a set of 3 different size. Hung 2 of them on the wider side of the window wall and a single one on the other side of the window. We shopped around our friend’s house and found these beautiful idols from India for the shelves. I am a strong believer in “use what you have”.

Shree painted 2 canvas from Michael’s in colors that would match the room. Has she not done a good job?
We did not have the lamp on this day, we had plans to visit Ikea but could not. So later we bought a table lamp for the nightstand. Sorry we do not have the picture.
So the after pictures minus the lamp. This is how the room looks from the door.

The room was revealed around 6 pm to curious Mr & Mrs. H. They were very happy to see the makeover.  Even if they did not like they are such nice people, they would not have expressed it. They were happy, since they asked to do the makeover for their Master Bedroom too.
Wish you and your family a very Happy Deepavali !!!

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