Sunday, November 25, 2012


Hello Friends,

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a fun filled long weekend.
Did you guys go for the Black Friday shopping?

We had a busy long weekend. On thursday, we had invited one of our family friend for lunch. They enjoyed the food and we had a nice time with them.
Sanjeev had told me not to expect him to join me for my Black friday shoppings. And I had to go....:-)
I had made a list of what I wanted from the stores.
For the past few years, for every Black Friday, I dispose off my Blender and Toaster and buy new ones. And sometimes, the hand mixer and the electric rice cooker depending on the condition and the availablity.
My first shopping was the Brother sewing maching from Walmart. Since the store was opening at 8.00 pm, around 7.00, I started being extra nice to Sanjeev. I wanted him to accompany me to pick it. Few fluttering's of eyelids later, he agreed saying "just one store".
We went in at 7.50, walked out at 8.15 with the machine. I am not an expert at sewing, can run only straight stitches. The price was right for me.

When we came home, I announced that I was going to Kohl's at midnight to pick couple of things. Next the communication went like this:
Sanjan (all excited): I will come with you. I can help you pick what you want.
Sanjeev: NO!! No one is going anywhere.
Me: I had already decided that I am going and I am going.
Sanjeev: How much are you going to save? $50? I will give you that.
Me: I want to go. I am going for the fun part of would not understand it.
Sanjeev: Honestly, I do not understand you! What's fun going alone and in cold and at midnight?
I just shrugged my shoulders.
Sanjeev: Fine. Be careful. Call me if you need anything.
I had couple of hours before I went out, so caught up on my shows on Hulu. Covert Affairs and Hawaii 5 O.
Left home around 11.15pm and reached Kohls around 11.25. There were around 200 people in the line. Around 11.45 another 100 had joined the line behind me. Store opened at 12, got in at 12.10, picked up my stuffs, paid for them and was out of the store at 12.30. In and out in 20 mins. I was tempted to pick the sweaters that were for $9 each but it was not on my shopping list.
I picked this Pyrex set. It was a 20 piece set for $29.99. This had a $10 mail in rebate, so the final price would be $20. When I went to pick, this was the only set available, everything was gone. Lucky me!!
 And then picked this Black and Decker Blender for $19.99. This too came with a $10 mail-in rebate, so the final price would be $9.99. 
I had a $10 off on $30, so finally both the Pyrex set and the Blender would be $10 each. I still need to send the Mail-in rebate paperwork.
Came home around 12.45, went to bed. Sanjeev in his sleepy voice asked if I got what I wanted.
My alarm went off at 5.00am, got ready and drove to JCPenny which was to open at 6. I went in around 6.10, and not even one single small appliance was there. Everything was gone !!!! NOT. EVEN. ONE. was available. I had plans to buy Power Blender, Toaster, Hand Mixer and Oven Toaster.
From JCPenney, I walked to Macy's. Bought this Toaster for $19.99 with $10 Mail-in rebate.
Walking towards the billing, I saw this Panini maker and Quesadilla maker. These were not on my shopping list. But what the heck!!! I bought them to console my JCP broken heart. These were also $19.99 each with $10 Mail-in rebate.

Came home around 7.00 am with my loot. Asked my guys to be seated and I showed them my shopping. Sanjan was as excited as I was. I do not know what for....:-).
Later in the evening, we were invited for a potluck at a friends place. Again lots of food and talking and laughing.
Saturday evening, we were invited for a Thankgiving dinner at one of our family friends house. Yes, lots of food and lots of talking.
For Sunday dinner, I made Quesadilla. Family liked it.
So how was your Thanksgiving day and weekend? What all did you guys shop?
Have a nice week ahead.


  1. Girl o girl,I make Quesadilla and Sandwich every week, but the old fashioned way b'cos I dont like to fill my kitchen counter with too many stuffs( I already have the mixer and the rice cooker on the counter which kind of pinches me saying that its occupying space)
    Now 1) you are tempting me to buy stuffs and
    2) not letting me work and making me read your blog.

    1. I bought both the Panini maker and Quesadilla maker for the first time. I avoided buying all these years for the same Recently, I reorganized my kitchen cabinets, so have some space for these....:-)