Sunday, December 2, 2012


Hello Friends,

Thanks for your comments on all the postings. I get very happy everytime I see your comments, emails and messages. 
One of the reader wanted to know why there was empty space in our coat closet and if it was for shoes. I did reply her but am letting you know here too.

We have a strict "no shoes inside" policy. So shoes are left in the garage when we come inside the house. Another advantage of keeping that space empty, is I can shove things that are lying outside if we have unannounced or "Just 10 min" away company.....Don't you do that???

And now coming to today's posting: My inspiration for the coat closet tweak.
I had an idea what and how I wanted the closet to be when I decided to tweak it. But still I always browse for inspiration pictures on the Blogosphere. I did not find enough before after pictures or a coat closet makeovers. Just few of them. Below are few of them for you to inspire from. 

You have a favourite color but not sure where to paint it, try it in coat closet. Just a paint makes a lot of difference even to a small space. I bought the hook rack for the closet door. Still need to put it up. Will surely post the updated picture.
Pink coat closet
You can add extra shelf on the top if you require more storage space as well add at the bottom for shoes.
Dark blue
You can stencil just the back wall of the closet. I do not have that patience. 
Stenciled closet

If you have wallpaper left over from any of your previous projects you could use it for just the back wall. I loved this. If the closet looks so beautiful you will not want to pile it with junk.

Wallpapered closet
Sanjeev wanted the shelves like the below ones in our closet too but as I mentioned we did not need it and we have a strict "no shoes inside" policy. 
Martha Stewart
Hope these pictures inspired you to do a makeover to your closets. Please feel free to share your pictures with a before and after so I can post them for others to see.

Feel free to post your comments.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

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