Sunday, December 16, 2012


When Sanjan was 6 months old, I found this cute growth ruler at Children's Place. I started updating his height on it every six months for first couple of years and then once a year and then stopped updating. There was not marking space on the ruler, just write on a piece of paper and stick inside the plastic pouch.  
We did not want to mark Sanjan's height on the wall since we were renting an apartment till couple of years ago and we knew there was no way we could take that memories with us when ever we moved.
Last year I was browsing Pottery Barn Kids website and came across this fabric Growth Ruler.
Pottery Barn Kids Growth Ruler
I had almost decided to order it but wanted to check on more options. That's when I saw these DIY wooden growth ruler. It seemed easy to make one and it is. Those I saw where either plain wood, stained wood or in white color. And were wider too.
Stained wooden growth ruler
Growth Ruler in white
I picked a 1 x 3 inches and 6.5 feet long lumber from Lowes. I had this yellow paint from a previous project for Sanjan's room. I painted 2 coats and let it dry overnight. Next morning I measured using a measuring tape and marked the markings for every feet upto 6 feet. With a black Sharpie Permanent marker, I drew a line for every feet. Then marked smaller lines for half feet and still smaller for the inches.
I did not have numbered stencils. It would be neater if I had used one for the numbers.

Originally, I had plans to hang this ruler in Sanjan's room. I had rested the ruler on this wall in kitchen to finish some chores before taking it upstairs. Sanjeev walked in and said, " The ruler fits here perfectly." And he was right. But I did not want to give him the credit for the idea I just nodded.
I had this D-ring hook from another project.
D-ring hook and screw

Screwed it to the top back of the ruler. And hung it on the wall.
Using a red and pink Sharpie Permanent Marker, I entered all of Sanjan's height since he was a year old to date. The only cons of using permanent marker is erasing the errors. Ignore my errors, please.

Every kid that comes home, enjoy measuring their height and then there is a discussion about who is taller and how tall they would be next time when they come. Even adults have their share of fun.

Now the cost breakup:
Lumber: $4
Everything else I had from previous projects.
Paint: $0
Sharpie: $0
D-ring and screws: $0

A $4 Growth ruler.

If you had to buy all the supplies, it would still cost you less than $10 to make your own custom Growth Ruler. And you could take it with you when you move.

Have a wonderful week ahead.


  1. oh lovely.. Reshma.. I like the idea of having a growth ruler.. very nice!! :)

  2. Thank you Patty. Glad you liked it.