Monday, January 21, 2013


I am going to start a series of postings on Sanjan's room makeover. So let me introduce you to his room. Our previous homeowner had this room painted in Mint green. I wanted to paint it as soon as I could but I had not decided on the color or how I wanted to decorate. 

The best thing was to work on one thing at a time. I made a list of furniture and other accessories that I wanted.
Paint the room
Bed with a headboard
Study Table and Chair
Picture frames
Wall shelves
When we moved in, the only furniture for Sanjan we had was the twin mattress and the box spring. Sanjeev wanted to buy a twin bed frame with headboard and be done with it. But I wanted to something myself and different. I had seen lots of DIY upholstered headboards floating in the Blog world.

Then one day while clearing the moving boxes in the garage, I saw this cork memo board leaning against the wall. We had this for couple of years. And we had never used it. No idea why I had happens. Maybe I knew I had a use for it somewhere sometime. I decided to use this for the headboard instead of a MDF sheet. And this would be lighter than the MDF and I could easily do a Tufted one too.
I measured the mattress, it was 36 inches wide. Measured the cork board, it was almost 35 inches......ah crap. 1 inch would not make much of do not pay attention to it when you come home. Just forget I shared it with you.

The materials that I required were:
2 inches thick foam. 
Batting to cover the foam
Stapler gun
Fabric to cover the foam and batting
Hook to hang the headboard

I had 5 yards of this fabric from Ikea. I bought it even before we bought the house. It was just .99 cents per yard. Do not ask me why I bought it.....I do have a vision for anything I buy without reason. Now I was using it for the headboard. One whole oval shape would be for the headboard. Perfect !
Next weekend we drove to Joanne to pick the foam and batting. 
But while making a round of the store after picking the foam and batting, I saw this red fabric, it was pre-quilted and in red and on sale for $5 per yard. I bought an yard and half. 
And then we had this talk:
Sanjeev: What about the Ikea fabric?
Me: I have someother plan for it.
Sanjeev: When you walked in the store, you had one plan and you walk out with another plan. When did you do that? 

I started by cutting the foam to the size of the memo board using paper cutter and a pair of scissors.
Then I cut the batting 5 inches longer than the board. Then I laid the batting, then the foam and the board on the top.

Stapled around the edges pulling the batting tighter. I just stapled one every feet since I had to yet staple the fabric.
I did not use anything to stick the foam to the board just very carefully stapled making sure not to move the foam or the board.
Once the batting was stapled, I laid the fabric on the floor, placed the board on it and securely stapled the fabric to the board. I am sorry, I did not click pictures of that part, I was waiting to see the finished product.
This is how the upholstered headboard looks. I skipped doing the tuft part for the time being. Since the pre-quilted gives a texture to the headboard.

I drilled 3 of this D rings on the top of the headboard, 2 at the sides and one in the middle. Then hung the headboard on the screws on the wall.

It took me only 40 minutes to make this headboard. 
Will show you all the complete room in couple of weeks.

Have a wonderful week ahead.


  1. Oh awesome work. You made it all look very simple. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Khushbu. I am glad you liked it. Visited your blog, its great too.

  2. ok...I am impressed! you made it sounds pretty easy to DIY..can't wait to see entire room. hurry hurry :)

    1. Thank you Neelam. Will show the complete room in the next posting...:-)

  3. Very nice.

    I had been meaning to do this, but I fear that the finishing won't be that great!

  4. Awesome Reshma.Love all your work.

  5. Hoping to see more........