Sunday, January 27, 2013


Sanjan's room went lots of changes since we moved in 2 years ago. He must have had 4 different furniture as his nightstand. The placement of his study table has been changed few times.
Last month, we picked a 3 drawer dresser from Ikea for his night stand. I still need to paint the dresser and I have not been able since its been raining or I was down with cold.

So coming back to today's posting about the DIY Bed skirt and without great is that!!!
Once upholstered headboard was hung, this is how it looked.
We did not have the frame for the bed and the bed skirt would not fit without a frame. Bought the frame at a local furniture store.
Without a bed skirt, the bed looks so bland. I went searching for a red color twin bed skirt, but did not find the red that matched the fabric on the headboard. Decided to DIY it but did not want to stitch. So tweaked it and this is how I did it.
I bought 3 yards of red fabric from Joanne. It was thick material.

  • I measured the height of the box spring to the floor, it was 15 inches. 
  • Added 1 inch for the hem at the bottom and 4 inches for the top of the box. 
  • So I cut 5 strips of 20 inch long and 38 inches wide. (Twin mattress is 75 inches long).
  • Using a iron on adhesive, I hemmed the bottom of the skirt. It took 30 mins to iron the adhesive and hem all the 5 strips.
You could use fabric glue too.
I am sorry for not having clicked the pictures of the process.
I measured the center of the box, and stapled one of the strip on to the box and continued towards the left.
Then stapled another strip and continued right.
Similarly I did the opposite side of the box.
For the foot of the box, I stapled the last piece covering the corners.
I did not have enough material for the head of the box and since its not visible I did not bother about it.
This is how it looked.

And then arranged the mattress on it. I did this almost a year ago and I did not have any problem with this skirt. Added advantage, the skirt does not move or slip. Its an easy task for me to change the sheet every time without having to adjust the bed skirt.
Only con is I can not wash it. Anyways, it does not get dirty.
So, here is the DIY no-sew, non slippery, non-adjusting bed skirt.
Will post the pictures of Sanjan's study table tweak and wall shelves soon. And then the paint job. Check back soon.
One more to strike off from the list:
Paint the room
Study Table and Chair
Picture frames
Wall shelves

Have a wonderful week ahead.


  1. This is really nice.Awesome job already!

  2. would gluing Velcro to it help???
    velcro on the box and sheet, easy to clean...

    1. Yes, That's a good tip. Gluing velcro would be a solution to wash or change the skirt. Thanks.

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