Sunday, January 6, 2013


.........I would dress her in beautiful lace and floral dressers and cute hair clips and hairbands and matching shoes. And decorate her room like one of these pictures.
I have had these pictures in my folder for months. Now I am sharing them with you all.

This room by Emily is my most favorite one. The polka dots and the pink is all girlie. She painted the wall pink and then used the white round decals. And she went light on the bed and bedding's.

Cassie decorated her daughter's room in blue and strawberry pink. She painted the $60 craigslist bed in pink (as in Rani pink) and DIYed the pelmet for the window.
Blue and green is so unexpected for a girl's room. But the design on the wallpaper is feminine. As well the chandelier.
This room with blue grass cloth wallpaper, the curves on the headboard, the yellow nightstands has a subtle femininity that a 6yr old could grow to teens.

  Despite the dark grey wall, this room has the right dose of pink. The painting, the curtains, the damask print lampshade, pink telephone and the ottomans are the right pick for the girl. 

If only I had a girl, I would have decorated her room using ideas from these rooms.
Which was your favourite pick among these?

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