Sunday, February 24, 2013


Thank you for your comments on the FB and the emails too. I get very excited when I read them. 
I received emails about the frame with the alphabet on Sanjan's bedroom wall. 
I love visiting Antique stores and vintage shops. I never go with a mind set to buy anything. I just walk around the store. If I find something that is beautiful and really worth it, I buy it. But not every time I have such luck. 
On one such visit to an antique shop, I saw this ornamental frame. I was on the look out for a Syroco mirror for quite sometime and when I saw the label of this frame, it had the stamp of Syroco. 
But this frame had its mirror missing. The old lady at the counter said the mirror cracked so she is selling it for $2. I could not believe what she said since these mirrors are pretty expensive. Even on Ebay and Amazon. I paid her $2 and I do not remember if I hopped or ran to my car. 

Is it not beautiful? When I showed it to Mr. Tweaks, he said something in the lines of hoarding. I had plans to get a mirror cut to size for this frame and use it somewhere. Anywhere. I was in love with this frame. And it went to stay with my other hoarded stuff in the garage. And as it happens, I forgot about it.

Fast forward to early last year, when we finished painting Sanjan's room, I had picked this alphabet"S" from Michaels. It was in white color. So I spray painted it this green color. This is neither very dark nor very bright. Just the right touch of green.
But the alphabet looked very lonely on the wall. I was not happy it being lost on the wall. I thought that a bigger size might look good. But then where do I look for it. And should be in my budget.
Few days later on the way to work (I have a long drive to work and that's when lots of my ideas starts laying its eggs) an idea struck me about using the mirror less frame for the alphabet.
That weekend, I pulled out the frame and removed the screws that was screwed to the backing.
And I spray painted the frame the same green color I used for the alphabet. And for the inside of the frame, I   used this red color which I already had. But after it dried, it turned orange. It looked good. I did not go for second coat. I used a push pin on the board to hang the alphabet.

And hung the frame to the wall. 
It was as if the frame was waiting to be tweaked and used for this very purpose. This was my favorite tweak for this room.
So next time you see a beautiful frame with no mirror or glass missing, think of ways you can use it for.
I will have the budget breakdown for this room soon.

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