Monday, March 25, 2013


When it comes to designing something for my home, something permanent, I take time to finalize. And if I   have a plan, its often 2 or 3 different ones that I would love to have it. Each. One. Of. It.
One such design dilemma was this wall that you see at the landing. Sorry, I had just this one before picture which was clicked before we moved in. 
I wanted the wall covered with picture frames with black and white pictures. The ideas stayed with me for few weeks then something else hits. The other idea was to paint an accent color to the wall. But I was not able to decide on the color. Or a big poster picture of my son. Or stencil that one wall. Like these.

Stenciling is not an easy job. Needs lots of patience. During one of my visit to Target, I saw this decal. I picked as a temporary solution till I decide what I wanted to do for that wall. This is how it looked. It stayed so for a year. 
Then Mr. Tweaks suggest this orange color for the wall. Since, I was the one deciding on paint color for rest of the house, I let him go with this. At first, I wanted to paint over the decal and then peel it off. But I was not very sure, how would I like.
So, we peeled off the decal to discard but Mr. Tweaks suggested not to throw them away and see if we could reuse it. Two coat of orange paint and sticking the decal back next day. Ours is a corner unit and we get lots of sunshine. The orange did not make the space feel dark.
And this is how it looks when you are upstairs.
I am not a big fan of the decals. But these decals are perfect answer to kids room, nursery, rental home or a in a laundry room. 
Have you used decals in your home? Do you like them?


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  1. Looks gorgeous! I have tried a few decals in my home. This was before I discovered pinterest ;)

    1. Yes Madhu, I saw the mango motif decals in you home. They change the look of your wall.

  2. Hi, I am from Italy, I like your Stencil "Ginkgo-stencil-accent-wall.jpg" in white on grey wall, and ask if you can send me one specimen to put in my room.