Friday, April 19, 2013


Our powder room is used by our guests. You see sink and mirror when you open the door.
And toilet on the right side.
Depressing beige paint, plain mirror and theater dressing room style light fixture. Builder grade faucet. There was no upgrade in the house, except the paint job in Sanjan's room and our present guest bedroom, which we changed as soon as we could.
When we moved in, I wanted to take up small and easy project also read in as “smaller budget projects” so I could keep moving rather than having a big scale and bigger budget project.
Coat closet tweak was the first one to go with.
After couple of weeks of finishing the coat closet, one evening when Mr. Tweaks was reading his Esquire, I said, “I want to tweak the powder room.”
And then the conversation went like this:
Mr. Tweaks without lifting his head from the magazine: You want to paint?
Me: Yes, Paint.
Mr. Tweaks, turning the page of the magazine: Call a painter and get it done.
Me: And……
Mr. Tweaks: Go ahead, I am listening.
Me: Change the towel bar.
Mr. Tweaks: OK.
Me: And change the mirror.
No response.
<Me: And change the light fixture.
Me: Also update the faucet.
Complete silence.
I had to think something faster before he would say “Let’s think about it”. (Which means “No” to the project as of now).
I announced, “I will do it all for $100.”
Mr. Tweaks: Paint, light fixture and faucet for $100? You cannot just come up with a number like that….
(He was shaking his head in disbelief but at least it shows he was listening to me. He had to. Poor guy.)
Me: I will do it. I can do it.
I was so confident but had no idea how I was going to do it. For $100. Great!
Good that I did not have to change the sink since I liked it.
The powder room is already tweaked but I will walk you through the way I went about it. Wait for next posting. 

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