Sunday, May 19, 2013


Does it happen with you guys that you visit a store for something and you end up getting something else? Or is it just me? Mr. Tweaks will walk into a store, pick what he is in for and he is out. I can never do that unless I am in a time crunch.

Ok, so I go to Lowe’s to pick paint for the powder room that I was planning to do that weekend. Since no one was at the paint section to help, I walked around the aisle to the clearance rack. There were lots of stuff on clearance in very good condition but nothing that I wanted. I saw 2 rolls of wallpaper. Marked $5 each, from $20.
I stood there for few minutes thinking. Where do I use it?
The color was grey and I liked the design. This is the one.
I picked both the rolls and walked towards the paint section.
There were million thoughts going in my head. Seeing the expression of the couple that walked by my side, I realized, I was talking to myself. Loud. In my native language.

I had a light bulb moment by the time I reached the paint section. I can hang the wallpaper in the Powder room. I decided not to buy the paint that day and sleep over the plan of using the wallpaper.

When I left Lowe’s, I felt I was there for few hours but was actually for only half an hour.
Driving back home, I was mentally making the changes and tweaking my plan.

I was so excited, that as soon as I stepped in the house, I announced to Mr. Tweak: “We are hanging wallpaper in the Powder room.”

The look on Mr. Tweak’s was, “Oh my God, what next.”
He did not respond. And I did not want to do this project without his approval.

Couple days later, I was showing him these pictures (my way of convincing):
Love the color and the Moroccan design on this wallpaper. The chandelier is beautiful. Each of these Powder room had grey wallpapers and were simple, fuss free decoration.
Traditional Bathroom by Needham General Contractor Hawthorn Builders

Seeing these beautiful pictures, Mr. Tweaks was convinced that our Powder room could look as beautiful as these. He ended the conversation," Hire a professional to hang the wallpapers. They know their job."
What do you think I did? Did I hire or DIY?


  1. Oh my.. Yes these pics are gorgeous.. :) Im now waiting to see what you'll do.. DIY is the way forward.. wallpaper is easy to apply.. :)

    1. Thank you Patty....Yes, I agree wallpaper is easy to apply but requires tons of patience.

  2. I think you Diyed...nice blog..found you at Patty's and following you....