Sunday, May 5, 2013


Next thing I found for the powder room was the light fixture. With $80 in my pocket budget, I went on the search. I browsed Home Depot and Lowe's website, and anything I liked was $50 and more. I still had to purchase the faucet and the paint. Me and my big mouth….why do I talk so much? Ah ha…about talking…I can talk well through midnight without a yawn. let’s not change the subject.

One evening, after dropping our son to his karate class, Mr. Tweaks and I drove to Lowes to return something. While Mr. Tweaks was returning, I walked over the aisle to have a look at the light fixtures. Mr. Tweaks joined me and saw the look on my face and said, “Go ahead, purchase which ever you like. Forget about the budget”.
Even I wanted to give up...enough was enough... and then I saw this at the end of the aisle on the top most row. It was marked $20 down from $100.
It was like “clouds opened and some rays of sunshine came through and the angels sang” moment.
I asked the employee who got the fixture down from the display, the reason for the price slash. He said, it was one of the last piece. Good for me. The metal part can be painted.
At the register, the cashier who took the $20 price tag off the fixture, said it was a good deal. And when she scanned the bar code, she had a surprise look on the face. She scanned it again.
The reason:

Yes, $6.02.

Did I dance and swirl and jump? No, I did not. But mentally I did.

You can see that I bought it in September of 2011. Its an old project.
What color do you thing I painted the metal part of the fixture?  

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