Friday, May 24, 2013


Couple of weeks after I got the wallpapers and Mr. Tweaks was convinced that wallpapers will look good in Powder room, we planned the execution. Of the project.
We had to make sure, we had enough wallpaper to cover the powder room. We wanted to hang it ceiling to floor. When we measured, we were short of 2 feet of wallpaper. Just 2 feet. 
We called every Lowe’s in 20 miles radius to know if they had any available at their store. 
I prayed a little before calling each store. But no luck.
Mr. Tweaks suggested, “We can skip the wall behind the toilet and paint it a different color.”
Mr. Tweaks, “How about we leave out the lower wall behind the toilet. Anyways no one is going to peek in there.”
NO WAY. Very predictable that we were short of wallpaper.

I remembered seeing few powder rooms with half wallpaper and half paint. I went to garage to check for the leftover paint from this closet project. But it was little too dark to match the grey on the wallpaper. 
I took an empty can, poured the grey paint and mixed some white paint (from the same project) till I got it to match the lighter grey on the wallpaper

There, I saved some $$ on the paint. And used what I had. Going with upper half of the wall with wallpaper and lower half with paint was such an easy solution. I know I am smart like that. Thank you.
When I told Mr. Tweaks what we were going to do, he breathed a sigh of relief. 
He reacted something like this.
He still did not know we were hanging the wallpaper. 
That weekend, I spray painted the light fixture this color. I removed the glass covers, covered the  wiring. 
Light sanding and 3 coats of spray paint later….
I did not use primer for this project. 
Left it dry for a day and the light fixture was ready. The next day I worked on the mirror. 
I removed the mirror from the back of the frame and sprayed 3 coats of this yellow paint (which I had).
This is an iphone picture so the color on the frame looks different.
Wall paper: Ready
Paint half the wall.: Light grey prepared
 Mirror: Ready
Buy a new light fixture: Ready
Change the faucet: Bought it

Everything was planned. Except the professional to hang the wallpaper. Mr. Tweaks was hoping there would be no more changes. Third time's the charm????

Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend !

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