Monday, June 3, 2013


This tweak that I am sharing with you all is not a very "post worthy" post.
But just sharing and I know you would not mind it at all. I know that.
Almost a decade ago, I bought these 2 frames with Chinese pottery pictures from Dollar Tree for a $1 each for our bathroom.
And every time we moved, these ended up on the bathroom wall.
The fate of these frames was written to be on the bathroom wall.
When we were packing to move to our new home 2 years ago, Mr. Tweaks begged me to either throw or donate the frames.
He was tired looking at them for the past 9 years sitting on his throne every morning.
Did I listen to him? You know me, I would not do that. I do listen but not all the time.
The memories I had with those Chinese pottery pictures.
Kidding just kidding.
So, these were sneaked into the moving boxes. But as luck would have it, they did get into Mr. Tweaks hand when we were unpacking.
When he saw the frames, he just shook his head in utter despair and handed them to me.
I did have plans to change the pictures in the frame. I planned on using leaves, or some old map to frame.
Then one day I saw this scrapbook paper from Michael's in my stock.
I measured the paper to see if I could use it for the frames.
And cutting the scrapbook paper to 2 would fit both the frames.
When I was trying to remove the backing from the frame, the glass covering broke.
I still went ahead and painted both the frames with this navy blue paint that I had from this project.
I was still undecided what I was going to do with one glass less frame.
Using the old Chinese pottery picture as template, I marked and cut scrapbook paper to size for both the frames.
I removed the glass covering of the other frame too.
And now they hang in the bathroom. The mirror reflection makes 4 of them. Get 2, get 2 free.
Do you see the small navy blue flower here? That's why I chose to paint the frames navy blue. Naaa....I am kidding....the paint was free, I had it in my stock.
The fate of the frames ended in the bathroom but in different avatar. Maybe for next 7 years.
Total cost: $1 Scrapbook paper from Michaels (I do not remember but I am sure, I would have used the 40% coupon).
So the total cost: .60 cents.

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