Monday, June 17, 2013


I did not paint it, I meant the first painting I ever bought. 
A couple of months ago, I found this beautiful painting at an antique store. A framed painting. On a canvas. It was priced at $24. 
Using Google goggles on my iphone, I found out it was a painting by some Arnoldus Bloemers. I had never heard of him but since Google identified this painting, must be some known painter. 
It did cross my mind about all those yahoo news where they find paintings for $5 and it turns out to be by some famous painter/artist and they sell it for $$$$. 

Anyways, I liked the painting for the beautiful flowers, it was nicely framed, no damage and the price. It was a good size too. 24 x 20. I had no idea where I would be hanging it. 
When I went to check out, the lady behind the counter told me that it was 50% off on everything day. A second later, I realized both my eyebrows were raised and my eyes wide open and a big grin across my face. It took few seconds for my face to regain its original shape.

Look at the close up of the painting. The water drops, the leaves, the colors of the flowers.
Mr. Tweaks too liked the painting, I was surprised though.

When I Googled more about the painting, I found few sites that sold this painting in poster form for $94.99 and few for lesser too but no one for $12. sells it for $94.99.
Few weeks ago, I found the right spot to hang this painting. Will share with you all soon.


  1. Wow...lucky you. Glad you bought's beautiful and the value is the added bonus.

    1. Thanks Nayana. Every time I see the painting, it makes me happy that I bought it....:-)