Monday, June 24, 2013


My dream walk-in closet is something like these:
Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
They still are my dream closets. But for now let me enjoy what I have. We have 2 closets in our Master Bedroom. One of it is the sliding mirror door one and the other is the walk-in closet.

When we moved in, I took over this mirror door closet. By hanging my clothes. And occupied every hanging space I could.

But I did provide the space on the shelf for towels and bedspreads. See I do share. 
When you slide the right door open, I had my Indian clothing.
And when you slide the left door, my tops and blouses hung. Below that I had 2 plastic boxes for my clothing. When I had arranged, it stayed so for few months and then stuff started piling up. More like shoving anything that was outside inside the closet when we would have guests coming. Promising myself that this would be tackled the next weekend. Stayed so for more than a year.
Couple of months ago, I decided to take care about it. It was getting out of hand. But before rearranging, I thought of painting the inside. I wanted to paint it a pink color but then decided to use what I had rather than investing in a paint. I had this orange paint left over from this project. 
That week during my lunch hour, I picked these slim hangers. 32 of them in plum color.

That weekend I emptied everything on the bed.

And on the floor.
 I rolled the paint below the shelf space.
Mr.Tweaks offered to paint above the shelf space.

This is after 2 hour and 2 coats later. I did not paint the shelf, the rod and the base board.

I wanted to use the space below were I hang my blouses and tops. So I got a wooden rod at Home Depot cut to half the size of the closet. Picked this shelf/rod hanging bracket and the socket too.
Fixed the socket to the side of the wall and the bracket to the back wall to hold the rod.
Later in the evening, I hung my clothes. I was so eager to organize it but had to let the paint dry. 
Since I had both the closet rods on the right side, I hung my tops/blouses on the slim hanger on the top rod and my jackets/work trousers on wooden hangers on the lower one.
Towels and bedspreads went on the shelf.
On the left side, I hung my Indian dresses on plastic hangers. The 2 plastic boxes carry my Indian clothing which fit in perfectly under.
It took me more than 3 hours to organize it. Will have another post on "Why it took 3 hours?".
I loved the finished look of the closet. For next couple days, every time I was in the room, I would slide open the door, stand staring at the closet and sometimes pat myself.
Since, this was my closet, Mr. did not mind my painting it any color I wanted. If he was sharing it, I do not think he would have allowed.
Anyways, for now its my closet. Not a dream closet but mine.
What color is your closet painted?


  1. what a good job! now here is the offer, make a trip to Vegas food and stay on me... you fix my closet ;). I hate organizing and even though k have a mini bedroom size closet it sucks :( it is white... Don't want to color inside as my hubby shares the closet ( kind off) lol

    1. Neelam, Seal the Deal!! Holy moly you have a closet, the size of mini bedroom. Luckily this sliding door closet is mine, so I was able to paint it. The walk-in closet, I share with Mr. Tweaks, so its light blue....:-).