Sunday, November 3, 2013


The Swedish furniture company IKEA is one of my go-to destination to pick furnishings, decor accessories or small storage's on a budget. IKEA is my favorite since I can easily tweak the furniture's or accessories and customize it to my liking and to go with the decor of the space.

IKEA's Rast 3 drawer chest has been hacked/tweaked by lots of bloggers/designer's. I am sharing few of the best of those hacks. The 3 drawer chest costs just $35 and is solid wood, which makes staining or painting a easy job.
Before picture:
My most favorite one, is this Campaign style chest makeover by Louisa. She painted the chest in pink and replaced the wooden knobs with campaign style hardware's and flat corners.

Louisa was inspired by Molly, who painted her chest in grey blue color.

Caroline painted hers in white and just replaced her knobs to brass pull knobs. You can paint the chest in any color you want and change the knobs.
Sita painted her outside part of the chest in coral and the drawer's in rose pink color. Love her styling of the chest.

This ombre one is from Livet Hemma.
On a side note, I do not see any knobs or pulls, how are drawer's opened?

The most popular one on the blogosphere is the stained one on Aubrey and Lyndsay's blog. Staining the outside and painting the drawer white.
There are lot of similar hacks in different colors or have used fabric or wallpaper glued on the drawer front or stenciled on them. You choose how you want your chest to look like.
Which one is your favorite of all?


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