Sunday, December 15, 2013


room...this time you knew what I meant.

The backrest of the couch look crushed because of the packing. I should have ironed the covers.

Now, the couch was in. We had a pair of side tables and the coffee table which I was planning to use. Now, I was supposed to get a pair of chairs.
We had planned for our house warming 3 weeks after we moved in. We had spread 5 house warming parties over 5 weekends (we had invited 10-12 families at each party). So, I wanted some basic furniture before that.

As usual, I started searching stores online for the pair of chairs. What I did not expect was the price for a pair of chairs would be more than what I had paid for the couch.

3 years ago, there were not enough options for the chairs that I see now. I shortlisted from Overstock, Pier1, Costplus, Target and IKEA. Mr. Tweaks rejected few of them (based on the color, designs on them, or style of the chair).
And what I liked, were not available at store. And if ordered online, the shipping costs were high. And the chairs that I really, really liked were pretty expensive.
These still have a place in my heart....even at $699 and $899 each.

Pottery Barn

Three years ago, I had started a liking for damask.
Mr. Tweaks did not know what "Damask" meant. So I am sharing this for those who did not know. It's a design pattern like these.

3 years ago, these damask pattern were all over the blogosphere. Drapes, stencils, wallpapers, pillows, headboards and chairs.
And when I saw these chairs on Target for $199 each, I ordered a pair of them.
The chairs arrived just in time before our first house warming party.
The table lamp with green shade was what we had. The green shade did not go with the room. So I replaced it with a white shade.
For now the room was set for the parties. With enough to seat.
You can see my love for "damask" carried on to the tray on the coffee table too. I picked "damask" stock paper from Micheal's and modge podged it on to the mirror tray from Target.
Now when I see, it was an overdose of damask.
I did not have enough time to purchase any pillows for the couch or the chairs. And I was not sure, what color I wanted to go with yet.
There is still so much to do here. The room looks too bland. Need to get some colors.
Will share the color I went with in my next post with a before and after.

Stay warm and have a wonderful week ahead.


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