Sunday, December 8, 2013


room...I meant let's walk into the living room. This is what we see when you enter our home. From the entry way/foyer, we face this wall that has high ceiling. These pictures were clicked a day before we moved in.
On the left is the fireplace. The mirror came with the house. It's a huge mirror. But not the kind, I would have picked.
The sliding door takes to the patio.
On the right, beyond the railings is the dining room.
You can see the living room below through the railings.
You all still there? Good.
So, once we signed the house, Mr. Tweaks and I, decided to select some basic furniture for the living room. We were moving with the Master bedroom, Sanjan's bedroom, dining and family room furniture's which we had in the apartment but nothing for the living room.

I always loved this couch from Macy's. I had already made up my mind that I would be going to order this when we move but one night when discussing my plan with Mr. Tweaks, he asked whether it came with removable and washable cover.
I put the question to Macy's customer service and they replied back saying they would not recommend removing the covers since the fabric could shrink.


I wanted to go with a white couch. Before Sanjan was born, we did own a white sofa set for 4 years and we had maintained it pretty clean and it looked new till I sold it off on Craigslist. I will share the pictures with you all sometime. 
Around the time, we bought the house, Sanjan was 5 years old and a very well behaved kid. He did not need any disciplining about cleanliness. But still, we both agreed to go with a easy maintenance white couch.  And we finalized on the IKEA's Ektrop couch which comes with removable and washable covers.

I did not want to go with the 3-seater + 2-seater set. Earlier we did have sets like that..twice and so this time I wanted to avoid it.
So I went ahead and ordered online, only the 3-seater couch from IKEA. Assembly was easy peasy. We have had this couch for 3 years now and no complaints.
Will show you all how the room has evolved and will share few projects and tweaks along the way. 

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.


  1. Reshma you are very brave going for a white couch .. I wouldn't dare . Forget about the kids and the flow of traffic we have at home, i dont trust "ME" ..

    1. Hahaha Jyothsna, You are funny. Thank you. As I had lived with an off-white couch earlier, I knew I could take the risk....all thanks to the washable covers.

  2. I agree with jyothsna... you are brave. I don't trust ME either! can't wait to see what you did to the decor!

    1. Neelam, I would not have used this couch for the family room. Since its the formal living room, I went for it. Even I am waiting to reveal.

  3. Reshma,

    We have that Macys couch in our living room. It has held up well for the last 3 yrs though I would like to add that the room gets used infrequently. You could also say that I've trained my kids to sit on it only when they are clean. ;)

  4. Vidya, I remember seeing the sofa in your living room....:-). And I agree, having it in a room that's not used often and training the kids help in maintaining it.