Friday, January 24, 2014


Hello there!
I have been wanting to start a series were I will be able share with you the design ideas, the tweaks, the DIY's, the makeovers, before & afters and decors of other blogger's and Interior Designer's.

The first post of Friday Feeds series: Picture/photo frames on the wall.
I received lots of comments, messages and emails about my post on living room reveal. Most of you liked the frames on the wall. Hence, I am sharing few pictures of other blogger's/designers that I had pinned.

Square frames with smaller cut in the mat. The frames make a big statement in this space. Of course, the orange and pinks make the room too.
Going with frames ceiling to floor makes an impact too. Yes, I know. Kids.

 Frames of different shapes and sizes.

The below two pictures are my favorite ones. In the first picture, Michele used scrap book papers to frame.
From here
And in this one, the posters are from the calender.
From here

Grouping the frames tighter together for a smaller space or smaller wall area.

And this poster gives you idea how to hang art/frame on the wall above the sofa.

Have a great weekend!
All pictures from Pinterest.


  1. The last pic is very helpful! I should try one of these patters.

    1. Madhu, I came across couple more such poster on pinterest.