Sunday, April 13, 2014


Mr. Tweaks loves colors. His (shared with me) closet has shirts in every color. Even pink, coral and bright yellow. And lots of white. He has never ever had a black or grey shirt.

And he allows me to use "girly" colors in any part of the home. He would not mind if I went ahead and painted a wall red (I did have one red wall when we were in apartment). Will share the pictures with you all sometime.
Earlier, I was hesitant of going with bold colors but realized when used in small doses; the colors do look good in a space.
Like this room below has couple of colors all in form of accessories. Even if the drapes were changed to something brighter, the room would still look nice.
If you are not sure about the color, I suggest starting with one accessory; either a pillows, a pair of lamp or a painting. And then go from there instead of getting all the colors in at the same time. For few, this room could be perfect. Do not get me wrong, but for me there are too many patterns (on chair, pillows, lamp shade and the rug) in this space. It's just me.
I did like the idea of having 4 side tables as coffee table.
There are 3 colors in this room, red, teal and green. But still it does not look cluttered unlike the above picture. The chairs are solid fabric/leather. The rug has texture but no color. The drapes are plain with border at one end. I would just change or replace here and there but the room looks just fine. But it's just me.
Similarly, this room despite screaming red does not hit you on the face. I would have either skipped the red border on the drapes or gone for a different rug. Mr. Tweak's says he would not change a thing in this room but it's just me.
This is more of me. I like clean lines, less cluttered. I can not take coffee table filled with accessories/decor. I love mixing old and new. I like to balance neutral with colors. I want something glamorous with earthy. It's just me.
There is something in this picture that I am attracted to. Kelly green paint? Maybe. The burnt orange cabinet. Maybe. I always have had a plan to use this kelly green/emerald green somewhere in my home. But I am a little diffident about it. Maybe in small dose. Mr. does not share the similar rendering to this picture. But it's just me.
Do share what colors you want to go with but are being cautious. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great weekend ahead.

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