Monday, April 7, 2014


I am here! I am here! Yes, Who asked for me?
It had been super busy couple weeks. I started this post last week but my could not complete it even though this was a very simple post with nothing much to write. So just took a break. But I am back now with so much to share.

I received lots of messages and emails about this post.
I received emails asking for different ways to work with the engineering prints. Here are few of the best ones from other blogger's.

Edie from Life in grace printed this for her daughter's room and mounted it on a foam board professionally for $12. 

Trendy Thrifting printed 3 of the pictures 2'x3' and used adhesive spray on foam board.

Remember, I mentioned that I did not find any pictures on the blogs where a frame was painted around the black & white poster? I was browsing for pictures for this post and I come across Cheri's blog, where she made a staples poster print for her son's room with a green color painted frame on the wall.
Ok, ok....I take back my tap to my back.
I did see this post where she created a giant news paper article about her son. I loved the idea. And what kid would not be excited to see his or her picture with heroic story in a newspaper. I would be.

Cheri also created this subway art with Mother Teresa's quote which she created herself and got it printed at Staples. She then glued the poster on a MDF cut to size and hung it.
Cheri's Subway Art

Jenny from Littlegreennotebook printed the picture of the temple where she was married. She mounted the print on a foam board with tape. What I liked was her painting the edges in orange. 

There are few blogger's who framed the print but making their own frames.Like, Kristin from Navy Bean Lane, printed and mounted the prints on the panel board. She framed around it with pine.

You need more ideas for printing and hanging/mounting the Staple's Engineering Print, just Google
"Staple's Engineering Print DIY".

I would love to hear if you printed these engineering prints and how and where you hung it.

Have a wonderful week ahead!


  1. Nice post, Reshma! That poster with quotes by Mother Theresa is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Suman, I liked it too. Planning to do something like this for my son's room or at least where we can read (once in a while)....:-)

  2. My favourite is the newspaper article, what a great idea :)

    1. Michelle, The newspaper article is a wonderful way to make a kid feel special. I would....:-).

  3. Great post and thanks for stopping by, love the shadow box idea.