Friday, April 18, 2014


Looking forward to give finishing touches to lots of projects going on at our casa. I start to work on one and gets pushed into the back burner for not being able to complete. I start with a next one and that too goes through the similar situation.
As weekends are the only time I get to work on some most of the projects, they get stalled when life comes as a priority.

These are the ones I am working on or almost done tweaks.

This tray getting tweaked for the dining room table.

Another tray pays a visit to Lowe's. This is the one that's on the living room coffee table. The tray went through a small upgrade.
Our master bedroom walk-in closet is going through another makeover. Picked this dresser from IKEA.
And we had to open the box to carry the pieces upstairs. It has been like these for the past couple weeks. Hope, this weekend we get to assemble it. Or the least, next weekend.
I have been shopping for new pair of curtains for the living room. But these were not bound to come home with me that day. IKEA had only one pair of the orange MARIAM (as of now, we have the white MARIAM in our living room). 
Container Store trip with a small loot. We do not have a store nearby, so had to really shop smart since hubby would not drive me back to the store to return, in case I did not want it (which happens one too many times).
Another small project where this pot is yet to see the sunlight.

This is what goes on when I am working on all these tweaks, in the garage. Now you know who distracts and why I can not finish my projects.

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead.


  1. Oh...can't wait to see how all this turns out!! Boys are boys, mine is the same :)

    1. Nayana, What I see from your pictures, Om is a very sweet child.
      I am done with couple of these projects, will share them soon. My laptop is acting all weird so the posts are getting delayed.