Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hope you enjoyed your long weekend!

The navy blue table cloth turned curtains in the family room made me decide to go with a navy blue and white decor for the family room.
So then on, I was on the look out for anything navy blue. Or navy blue and white.

I found this picture frame for $5 at a garage sale. The size is 22x16 inches with an opening for 11x13 photo. It came with a beautiful painting and also a navy blue mat. Little tweak and this picture frame would be perfect for the family room.

The main wooden frame and the inner gold frame had to be painted white. I turned the frame to remove the backing.
It was not an easy job. And finally when I was able to, found that the navy blue mat was glass painted
in navy blue. The inner gold frame was attached to the glass. Somehow, was not able to remove the glass from the frame and I was worried I might crack the glass if tried too hard.

I picked this photo of us. This is the only picture I had in white in size 11x13. This is one of our favorite picture. I was 5 months pregnant.
So the real pain in you know where started. Since I could not remove the glass, I inserted the picture and covered the backing.
For the front, I covered the glass part with masking tape. Only if the glass would have come out of the frame. I did feel like I was in an operating room.
 I left the wooden part and the gold part to be spray painted. I primed it first.
After the primer tried, the corners of the frame showed a slight separation. I sealed it with wood filler.
Then I went with 2 coats of Krylon's white spray paint. On my project table.
Painting with brush would have been easier. Despite covering the glass, the paint got sprayed on the glass.
I scraped off using a blade. It really was a pain you know now where.
 The paint on the gold inner frame peeled while removing the tape. Ahh a pain...
The blade is what comes with an exacto knife. Using blade on the glass to scrape off does not scratch the glass.

Once, I was done taking off the paint on the glass, I wiped off the dust and gave the touch ups with paint and brush.

The frame went up on the corner wall of the room. Somehow, was not able to click photos without the reflections on the glass.
Ignore the reflections for now and look at the frame.
Mr. Tweaks who witnessed my frustration from the start, was very sure that I would be dumping it half way into trash. He was surprised when he saw the frame hanging on the wall. Honestly, I did have a thought of dumping it at one point.
 Glad, I did not do that. Somehow, all these tweaking is teaching me patience. 
I did not spend much for this tweak.
Frame: $5
Primer and paint: I had.
Photo: I had.

I will be sharing all the small tweaks that our family room went through for the navy blue and white decor.

Have a great rest of the week.

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