Sunday, June 29, 2014


I love wearing jeweleries. Earrings top my list. I have an organizer for my earrings that I picked from Bed Bath and Beyond years ago.
But when it comes to my necklaces, they are often piled inside this jewellery box. What you see here are what is left after purging few of them. I am not the right person when it comes to purging.
Since these necklaces are not in sight, I do not use them often. Either they all are tangled or I do not find what I need. And my necklaces are found on my nightstand, or on the bathroom shelf, or inside one of the drawer.

Couple years ago, I had bought this cork board at the Japanese store Daiso to use in the kitchen. Of course, it never happened. So it stayed in its original packing for 2 years till I decided to put it to use.
This board came with its part for hanging on the wall.
Screwed it to the back.
To cover the front of the board, I picked this left over fabric left over

from this Living room pillow covers project.
The print looked too busy. After searching my pile of fabric, found this orange and brown polka dot fabric left over from another project (yet to share here).
The fabric was enough to cover the board.
Instead of stapling the fabric to the board, I used the thumbtacks that I had used in Dining room wall frame project.
Pinned few of the thumbtacks to the thermocol board.
And sprayed with this brown spray paint I had.
Let the tacks dry for couple of hours.
I pinned the fabric to the back of the frame of the cork-board every few inches.
Just keep pulling the fabric tighter so the fabric does not sag in the front.
To hang the necklaces, I pinned few of these push pins to the thermocol board.
And sprayed them with 2 coats of gold paint.
Once the push pins were dry, I placed them on the board strategically. And hung my necklaces on to it.
Here is what failed. The board was hung using the thin rope kind of thingy. And did not flush with the wall.
The board was on the wall inside the walk-in closet where I could just leave it. Or I could screw the frame to the wall.
But the cork board was so thin that the push pins poked out from the behind of the board in such a way that every push pin would be poked through the cork board to the wall.
This is was not working. I left it like that for few weeks before I came up with a different plan. One thing that worked was I was picking up my necklaces more often now. I am a total "out of sight, out of mind" person. Either things have to be organized or visible.

I am sharing this failed project so you know you do not do this same mistake. I will share what worked for me as necklace organizer.

Have a great week ahead.


  1. What a thought Reshma, awesome!

    Really liked it. It looks very colorful

    1. Thank you, Pratima! Yes, it looked bright and colorful. Will be posting what worked for me.

  2. Reshma I absolutely love your living room. Could you please tell me where you sourced those paintings from or did you paint them yourself?

    1. Sumati, The paintings are poster print from the artist Sanjay Patel. Bought the poster book on Amazon. Wish I could draw like him...:-). Thanks for stopping by.