Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Family room makeover continues with the lamps.
Mr. Tweaks has plans to install recess lights (by an electrician) in the family room (and few other spaces). But this project gets pushed to the back burner with either other projects that needs taken care of or other priorities called life.
The 2 source of light for the family room were the floor lamp and the table lamp.
I did not find better picture to share. I tried to click but this little man kept bombing.

This is an older picture with both the lamps I was talking about.

The lamps, I was looking for was something either in white or navy blue or mix of both. I searched online couple days and stopped. I loved this one. It was $180 each. No, I had plans to purchase.
Overstock has similar ones for $160 for a pair. Still I did not want to spend that money on a pair of lamps.

I had bought these pair of brass lamps at a vintage shop 3 years ago. These are not antique. I paid $10 for each.
It's previous life, maybe the first one.
The lamps did not come with shade, so picked a pair of shades from IKEA for $10 each.
I spray painted the base a blue color. Not navy blue. These lamps were in our Master bedroom for 2 years. This picture is from then. In its second life.
Last year I changed everything in the bedroom and these lamps went inside a closet. I did try to sell them on Craigslist but no one came for them. Good thing.

Early January this year, Mr. saw these lamps in the closet and offered to take them to donate at Goodwill. I have to keep hiding my stuffs from Mr. Tweaks. If something catches his eye that is not serving any purpose, he wants to donate it.

The lamps had to be put to use so they went to the family room as is.
They stayed like this for couple months. Sometime, I rush to tweak and sometimes I take time.
Getting ready for a new life.
I covered the cords and the top part and sprayed 3 thin coats of glossy navy blue color.

My neighbor who was walking by, stopped to ask why was I painting a perfectly fine lamp. He did not wait for my answer. He reads my blog too.
I let the lamps dry for a day and then brought them inside.

To give more blue, I bought these gross grain ribbon from Hobby Lobby.

At first, I tried to stick the ribbons to the shade with fabric glue. It was not helping. I had to give another visit to pick this peel and stick fabric fuse. It is like double sided cello tape that sticks fabric to fabric.
I did not use the fuse for the complete circle of the shade. I cut small squares and stuck one side on the shade and rolled the ribbon on it and stuck the ribbon before peeling off the the wax paper on the outer side. Hope you are able to follow. I totally forget to click pictures when I get involved in some tweaks.
It took 10 minutes for each lamp. The ribbons went on the top and bottom rim of the shades.
I wanted to go couple of rounds around the shade to give the look of stripes. But since the shade is not a drum shape it would not be easy. If I had a drum shade, I would have used wider ribbons and gone with the stripes look alternating white and blue.

Like this. On second thought, I should have painted the shade. But I do not trust myself I will do a good job.
Good Housekeeping

But, the lamps are still not done.
Do you see that half done job at the tip of the base?
On both the lamps.
I need to give another coat of paint on it. For now, ignore them. The lamps got a third life in this room.
Yes, there are couple of projects you can see in these pictures. I will be back with them soon.
Another peek into the breakfast nook's wall. Yellow wall?

Tell me, have you given different color to each room in your home?

Have a great rest of the week ahead.

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  1. lovely, your trip to vegas is still pending!

  2. This time they look great Reshma, glad you didn't let it go to goodwill ;) We have installed recess light in living room 2 months back and I love it.

    1. Thanks Nayana. I really have to hide stuffs from husband. Glad, that no one came when posted on craigslist.....:-). Recess lights do make a lot of difference. Where are your pictures?

  3. very good job Resh as always!! Can't even think of doing all these hardworking jobs :)


    1. Thank you, Babli. Give it a try, you will like doing the tweaks, customizing stuffs to your liking....:-). I need to visit you.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Prasanna. I need to get another contrast color. Not sure which one.

  5. Love the modifications you have done.

    1. Thank you, Arathi. It kind of still a work-in-progress....:-).

  6. That's the most gorgeous blue room I have ever seen Reshma. I absolutely loved the blue lamps, looks very classy!

    1. Padmamanasa, Thank you so much. Appreciate your sweet comment and glad you like it.

  7. Awesome! I have some lamps that need a do-over. I like the lampshades. Certainly a success story! ~Pamela

  8. Lamps look great, Love third life of the lamps Reshma. You love spray painting, dont u? :) off late, I am too much into Royal blue.

    1. Thank you Bharati. Spray paint is easier and faster to work...:-). The only downside is preparing the space to spray.