Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Sharing with you all a Manhattan apartment designed by Steven Gambrel. The apartment belongs to a couple who wanted to conjure a bar in London in their apartment.
The colors!!
The dining room ceiling is painted in Benjamin Moore's Mystic gold.
Adjoining the living room is the library.
Impossible to miss the light fixture in the foyer. The arched doorways, one leads to the library and one to the living room.
Custom made cabinets and the island in the kitchen. Notice the floor?
The study.

Kids room has me going for the monogrammed headboards, the pendant and the painted window frame.
And the painted ceiling in this kid's room.
Master bedroom features custom built four-poster bed. I like the secretary in plain wood.
Custom designed vanity and door in powder room.
When I work in a room/space, I get uneasy if I see more than three colors. And Steven Gambrel worked with so many colors and textures in one home and made it look grand.

My favorite was the kids room and the kitchen. What about you?




  1. Its a beautiful house.. though i must say.. The room with the purple wall is way too loud for someone to stay !!!

    1. I agree, purple wall is too loud. And with a dark pink ceiling....:-). I want to try going for a navy blue or turquoise wall for a room...sometime in future. Thanks for dropping by,

  2. oh my!! What a lovely house.. the ceilings are absolutely stunning.. !!