Friday, January 16, 2015


Domaine Home had published the photos of a lovely home designed by Lauren Muse and I am sharing them with you all.
Lauren Muse designed this home for a family with three young kids. I like the way the coffee table in the living room is styled.

Every bathroom in the house is wall-papered whereas the rest of the house has either white or light color paint on the walls.

The Lucite and brass sink, the large print wall-paper and the gold mirror. I like it.

Only if I had this kitchen...I would whip up new dishes everyday.

I guess, I like this bathroom more than the previous one that I mentioned.

Blue and white family room. I have a chair that I am planning to re-upholster for our family room. I should go for something similar fabric.

I love the brightness and warmth in this home. How about you?

I have been sick for the past 5 days with bad cough. My rib-cage pained every time I coughed. In fact, Mr. and Sanjan are sick too. It never happened that all of three of us feel sick at the same time. Looking forward for the 3-day long weekend to recuperate.

You all have a great weekend.


  1. lovely house !! And i really want to know how do they maintain it so neat n clean with 3 kids around !!!!

    1. Even I have this question every time I see a neat home on the website or magazines. Some blogger's and designers have often shared behind-the-scene photos with the reality....:-).