Friday, February 13, 2015


This long weekend I have plenty of projects lined up. The project's that will take less than an hour to finish. I am certain I will be accomplish at least a few.
We will be watching the India-Pakistan cricket match tomorrow at our friend's place, with few of our other friends. I am sure most of you would be too.

Today, I am sharing the interior designer Amanda Nisbet's work with you all. I came across her portfolio couple years ago and I always have liked her work.

She is one of those designers who uses color. She is not afraid to use strong colors. Her designs are fresh and gorgeous.

I want to let you know that all these pictures are not from one home.
I love this upholstered headboard. 

 The yellow wall-paper and the carpet do not match but still looks elegant.

See..when I said she is not afraid to use strong color. Purple on the wall.


Yellow, blue and green in one room. All bold colors but still looks gorgeous.
There were lots of pictures of Amanda Nisbet's work but I picked only the ones I liked. 
Her designs has inspired me in my home decor. Did you like her work?

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. They are gorgeous !!!
    I loved the first set of pics (blue and white combination) and the concept of the house with a yellow sofa for the dining area and dark wood for kitchen... and the yellow/blue/green combination..
    Its beautiful.

    1. Blue and white combo has always been my favorite. Every time I come across a designer whose work I have liked, I want to clear out everything in my home and start fresh....:-).