Saturday, March 14, 2015


This month we complete our 4 years in our house. And we still are working on the upgrades and the changes around the house. Honestly, sometimes I want to rush and finish them all at once and other times I want to mull over before I start. Sharing one such project.

Let me introduce you to these cabinets in the hallway on our second floor.
The cabinets are placed on the wall between the guest bedroom and Sanjan's bedroom. Oh, the blue paint in the guest bedroom....
There is another corner cabinet too. You see on the left side in the below picture.

Below is the picture clicked sometime in 2013 after the house was painted.
These are from 2014. The open shelf had become a dumping place for all of us. Kind of holding spot till they were put away.
The upper cabinets had some books and boxes. We filled in the upper cabinets when we moved into the house and they had stayed so other than trying to fill in with small stuffs here and there.
I would clear this space regularly by putting back things where they were supposed to go but a week or 2 later, it would be back to this:
I am embarrassed to share the inside of the lower cabinets.
The top of the corner cabinet. It really had become a holdall.
Its the top of the same corner cabinet maybe a couple of weeks later.
My first option was to paint both the upper and lower cabinets. And somehow, I could not get to start working on it. Glad, I did not do that. I also suggested removing both the upper and lower cabinets and adding a desk and chair. Mr. Tweaks did not agree to that.

Took me more than 3 years to work on this simple project.

Stay tuned, I will be back with the tweak.
Have a great weekend. Thanks for dropping by.



  1. I simply cannot wait to see the big reveal. This is a common problem for everyone.

    1. Vickie, Just couple more days to wait..:-). Hope, what I did works for other too.