Saturday, May 23, 2015


Apologies for MIA. The past few weeks was super busy. I wrote this post on a piece of paper at my son's football game last weekend. But posting it today on the blog....

Three week ago (the fair was on May 9th), I was sorting through the mails that Mr. had dropped on the kitchen table. I picked the our city's monthly guide and when I turned the pages, there on the first page was an announcement about the Annual Spring Fair in our city. It mentioned, there would be booths for arts & crafts, jewelry, vintage and others.
I made a mental note to visit if we could. And I continued going through the rest of the mails.

Later at night, before falling asleep I was evaluating my day when I paused at the Spring Fair event. And the idea of having a booth of my own hit me.

Next morning, I called the City office and spoke to the event coordinator. After introducing myself to her,
Me: Can I have a booth at the fair?
Coordinator: What are you selling?
Me: Nothing as of  now. But I want to. Can I selling something that I tweak? I can send you the pictures?
Coordinator: Sure.

I sent her an email with these pictures:
November of last year, I had mentioned that I donated some coasters that I made. Those coaster were all sold on Amazon. Feeling confident about those coasters, I sent her those pictures too.
And she replied:

I must have shrieked when I read the email. How I know? I co-worker who had walked past my room took 2 steps back to check if I was fine.

I had 15 days (with 2 weekends) to prepare for the fair. So where do I start and what do I tweak?
I went on a trip around the house and wrote down stuffs that friends liked and loved in my home. I finalized that I will tweak trays, mirrors, coasters and pots.

I ordered plain trays online, picked the pots and mirrors from the stores and tiles from home improvement store for the coasters.

Every evening after finishing the chores, I would spend couple of hours working on the tweaks before hitting the bed. Weekends was for spray painting and shopping for the supplies. It was tiring but I was enjoying every bit of it.

In my next post, I will share what stuffs I made for the fair.

Have a wonderful long weekend.


  1. Wow Reshma, I love how it all came together in short period but it must have been very hectic too. You should start selling them online, your products are really very beautiful.

    1. Nayana, Thank you for your encouragement. You would not believe, couple hours after at he booth I decided that I should sell online rather than at the booth.....:-).