Sunday, September 27, 2015


My postings for the past few months has been absolutely awful. This year has been a mix of chaotic, exhilarating and overwhelming. Last month, I had to travel to India for a week for my sister's wedding, couple months ago I was offered a more authoritative job which I accepted and I am loving so far but comes with with longer commute and the festivities and I could go on and on.

Today's post is the first of the series for our guest bedroom makeover. It did not look like this when we moved in 2011.
The walls were painted in this blue.
Couple weeks after we settled down, one Saturday morning Mr. and I decided to paint the walls before we bought any furniture for the room. This happened pre-blog days, so no pictures to share the process.

We removed the window blinds, taped the ceiling and the baseboards. We had to prime the walls to cover the blue. And then 3 coats of the grey paint.
When we had placed the order at IKEA online for the living room couch, the dining table, etc we had ordered this MALM full size bed and the mattress too.
The night stand is one of the pair we had for our bedroom as well the IKEA lamp on the night stand. The blue sheet set is from India which I had for years.
A year later we changed the window blinds and hung the white curtains.
I had this mirror, a house-warming gift which I had hung in the formal dining room for sometime. Sanjan was about 3 and half feet tall in this picture.
I gave the mirror coat of primer and 2 coats of white paint.
Mirror went on the empty wall in the corner and we added a small desk also from IKEA.
I had plans to upholster the desk chair which did not happen for couple years. And finally when I got to work on it, I broke the leg when removing the screw. The chair went into the recycle bin.
In 2013, Mr. added a bigger desk instead of the smaller one. As and when I had some time I did some small tweaks here and there. I will share them all with you.

Coming next will be the headboard tweak.

Have a wonderful week ahead.


  1. Yesterday I was thinking that I had somehow lost track of your posts. Glad to see you are active again and wonderful news about the new posting and the family wedding. I remember the blue paint, lol!

    1. Vickie, This room was one of our first project and that's when I realized that small little tweaks does lot of difference.