Sunday, December 6, 2015


Can you believe we are in December? I felt this year went by pretty fast. It was one of the busy year with lot going on in our life. All good.

Coming back to the blog, I will try to be active with at least one post per week.                        

I have been seeing lots of black painted walls that bloggers or designers have used in homes. It took me sometime to start liking black walls. I do want to have a wall in my home painted black but not sure where. I am sure Mr. Tweaks will never agree for it.

So until it happens, let me share the pictures that I have saved in my folder with the plans to use it sometime somewhere.

I guess painting a wall in the bathroom would be a good start.
Or all the four walls.
Apart from the natural light and the white rug, this dining room has table lamps, wall sconces and the chandelier. Love that chandelier.
Paint a wall with high ceiling.
An accent wall with black paint for the desk.
Pick a wall in the center of the house to display your art or photographs.
A ceiling wall with lots of natural light in a bedroom. The white art on the wall, the white bed and bedding balances the black on the wall.


A black painted wall in the bedroom makes it cozy and cave like. Let me go around my house and see where I can get one wall painted in black.

Do you have a any wall painted in black or plan to?

Have a great week ahead.


  1. Lovely collection! I've been planning on an accent wall for some time and your post gives me so much inspiration.

    1. Shyama, Do share your pictures when you go for one.

  2. You must muster some courage to paint your wall blank. The walls look good although. May be someone who have lots of space to experiment with should try black.