Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I started this writing on the first day of this year. And took me 19 days to post it....

Sharing this vintage bentwood chair makeover as my first post for this year. Until few years ago, I had not heard about a "bentwood" furniture. Back home in India, these bentwood furniture are known as "cane furniture". For that matter, I didn't know what "chevron" design was. Always knew it as "zig-zag" pattern. "Ombre" was "fading design".

Early 2014, I found this vintage bentwood chair at a vintage store for $20. It was in good shape except the upholstery part. I have never upholstered a chair and I did not want to try it on this chair.
Few weeks later, I found an upholsterer who agreed to do the work for $50. I asked him to give me the frame of the chair so I could stain it and bring it back before he started his work.

That weekend, I did two rounds of sanding and two rounds of wood staining.
I returned the stained frame of the chair and a yard and half of this black and white fabric to the upholsterer. I spent less than $10 for the fabric from Joann.

I don't think I would have done this excellent job of upholstering. If I had started, I am pretty sure I would have given up half way through.

I spent less than $100 including the chair, fabric, stain and for the upholsterer. Mr. Tweaks said I would have found a chair at a store for less than what I spent. Maybe.

I have had this chair for more than a year now and I still love it. Despite having professional help for this project, I still consider this my favorite tweak.

Have a great rest of the week.


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    1. Thank you Prasanna. I was happy to see how it had turned out.

  2. Beautiful. It's true that you could have got a new chair for that amount but self work brings lot more satisfaction.. Priceless..

    1. Vasudha, You are right. And you get to have a custom item too...:-)