Sunday, February 21, 2016


On Saturday morning I walked in to my son's room to pick his laundry. I filled the basket, thought I will make his bed, then cleared his desk and then started re-organizing his closet.

It did not end there.

We have two medicine cabinets, one in our master bathroom and the other in the bathroom shared between my son's bedroom and the guest bedroom.

I opened my son's medicine cabinet to put back his toothpaste that was lying on the counter. There was some blue toothpaste on the shelf, I took a tissue to clean it. While I was at it, I went on to clean all the shelves.

Sometime ago, I had thought about painting the inside of the cabinet. It seemed like too much of work. This time, I thought about it again and decided to use the adhesive shelf liner to the back of the shelf.

I had this grey and white chevron print liner which I measured and cut to size.
Since the cabinet corners are curved, I had to cut the corners with an exacto knife.
There were few bubbles, so had to peel and re-stick the liner couple times. You can see those bubbles in this picture.
I lined the shelves too. A top view.

 Everything else went back to the cabinet.

 A before and after before I wrap up....
I guess when I do small tweaks, I share it sooner than when I wait for a bigger project to finish...:-).

Have a great week ahead.

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