Sunday, July 31, 2016


Going for a darker paint color for the walls was daunting. I would not have given it so much of a thought if I was going for just an accent wall. While setting up the room after the painting, I did few small tweaks of the accessories.We loved how the room turned out.

The color of the paint in this picture is the exact one.

Curtain rods moved up closer to the ceiling. So I had to add extra fabric at the bottom to add length to the curtains.
I changed the table lamp to an old IKEA desk lamp.
The yellow and white stripes lamp shade was too much yellow in the room.
This IKEA desk lamp was red in color, which I spray painted to white. One coat of white primer and 2 coats of white paint.
As you enter the room, this is what you see.
These picture frames got a coat of white paint too.
I had plans to stitch pillow covers for the throw pillows. But during one of my Hobby Lobby visit, found these covers with zipper. They matched perfectly.
During the day due to sunlight, the paint color looks a little lighter.
After sunset.
One before (a very old before) and after:
For now, our Guest Bedroom is DONE!

Have a great week ahead.


  1. I must say. Its inviting. Can feel the positive energy flow in this space. Kudos

  2. Nicely done. Like all the nice sunlight coming I t making the room very warm and inviting. I really like the white and yellow stripes lamp and think it makes a nice and functional accent piece for your computer desk in the room.

  3. Great work Reshma! You should be super proud. Love the yellow/gray/white combo!!!!

  4. Great work Reshma! You should be super proud. Love the yellow/gray/white combo!!!!

  5. New to your blog..good writeup reshma..

  6. happy diwali to all of you...

  7. Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things.

  8. Such a lovely guest bedroom!!! Love the grey,white n yellow colour palette