Monday, April 24, 2017


My first post for the year 2017 !!
This post has been sitting in draft for couple months now. Can you believe it???

Anyways, the last post here was about the pedestal table in the breakfast nook.
The spray painted orange bentwood chairs were fine for few months after they were painted. And then the wicker started tearing. When the first one tore, I was heartbroken. Very heartbroken.

In next few weeks, one after other rest of the chairs tore. There was no way I could repair the wicker. The only option was to get them weaved. And it would be pretty expensive. More than the cost of all 4 chairs I had paid.
Mr. Tweaks had enough of it and he moved the chairs to the garage. That same weekend we had planned an IKEA visit. And Mr. picked 4 of these chairs.
Both Mr. and son worked very hard but couldn't assemble the chairs. The chairs were returned.
Mr. assumed that I will dispose of the orange chairs and look for something new. I was not going to give up so soon. At first, I had plans to upholster the chairs myself. But I was not sure I could do it. Then decided it was best left to the professionals. I bought 3 yards the fabric from Joann's and dropped the chairs to the upholsterer. I let them know what I wanted and when I went to pick the chairs a week should have been there to see my happiness.

They did a great job.

I had the chairs upholstered more than a year ago and they are still holding good. Hope they stay so for couple more years. Next time Mr. will not assume.....

Wait for the next post which a very easy one.

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  1. Amazing, The orange chairs look much better than before, Kudos!