Saturday, June 25, 2016


Mr.Tweaks and I will be celebrating our 15th Anniversary this year. Why am I sharing this with you all now? In these 14 years we changed our sofa's every few years.

Let me take you on a ride to show you those sofa's.
This is our first apartment in the Bay Area. Mr. had this sofa in the apartment when I married and joined him in January 2002.
I could not find any other picture to share.
Same year, few months later I came across a posting for a complete sofa set including sofa, loveseat, a single chair, coffee table, pair of side tables and a pair of white lamps. For $200. I called the number to confirm the price. The lady said they had bought the set couple months ago for their formal living room. And they had were moving and they had to sell everything in the house in the next one week.

This picture is from 2004, 2 years after we bought it (I couldn't find any earlier pictures). I decorated the sofa's with red cushion covers from India.
Our son was born in 2005 and in 2006 once he started crawling, we decided to replace the set with something simpler to make space. We bought this orange sofa from IKEA. They don't sell this any more. The red lamp you see in the corner was my first spray paint project. In 2005.
We moved apartment in 2007 and we sold the IKEA sofa and bought this microfiber sofa and loveseat set. The seats and cushion covers were all washable and the material would hide any dirt or spill by the toddler.
I had different set of red cushion covers for the sofa set. Red rug. And red faux roses.
Sanjan was crazy about vehicles (I guess all boys are). And his toy vehicles would all be parked on the sofa everyday. This is the look he would give after I would have warned him not to park them on the sofa. How could anyone be mad at this face???
Then we moved to a different apartment in 2009. And microfiber sofa set felt too crowded. I told Mr. that we could replace the set with a single sofa and couple chairs. He agreed.

When we went for sofa shopping, he picked this red sofa. It did surprise me.
When we bought our house in 2011, this sofa moved to our family room.
A year later the seats of the sofa started to lose it's firmness.

Mr. Tweaks wanted a leather sofa and I agreed since it would be in the family room. This is where we watch TV, sit and talk or lie down for an afternoon siesta on a weekend.
Leather would be easy to clean and maintain. And I wanted one that had fixed seats and fixed back too.
We found what I wanted at Macy's. It's been 5 years and still looks good.
For our formal living room, we went with the IKEA sofa. Every fabric on the sofa is washable. And it looked neat with the colors around it.

Couple years later the couch started bothering me. Mr. is not a fan of IKEA furniture. When I had told him let us buy the EKTROP he was not with me. But he just agreed. And now if I go to him and say that I want to change the sofa, I was sure he would not agree.
So every now and then, I would drop a hint about changing the sofa. But he never picked the hint. Or purposefully did not pick the hint....

Meanwhile, I was browsing every furniture store for what I was looking for.
  • I wanted a fixed back and fixed seat. 
  • Wide enough to seat 3 adult comfortably.
  • Linen fabric.
  • Simple armrest.
  • Not a bulky looking sofa.
I shortlisted few sofa's from the stores and waiting for an opportunity to take it to Mr. Tweaks. One fine day, last summer I asked him if I could change the sofa. He agreed. No questions asked.

Exactly a year ago, this sofa walked into our living room. I will share in all the details of my short listed sofa's and review my current sofa too.
Enjoy your Sunday!

Sunday, June 19, 2016


It took me a while to decide on the lamp for the Guest bedroom nightstand. I looked around for a yellow lamp, a sleek modern one. Then I changed my mind for a swing arm wall lamp.
I recollected that I did have a swing arm wall lamp in my "will use it sometime" collection. And in that collection, I had this lamp base from IKEA for $10 from the As-is section.
In the collection (No doubt, Mr. calls me a hoarder), I also had the rectangle shaped lamp shade.
And both the base and the shade looked good together.
I had taped the bottom part of the shade and painted a thin line along the base of the shade with yellow acrylic paint.
It stayed like this for few months.
And then I had these scrap pieces of fabric from the drape makeover. Before making a permanent change, I just wrapped the yellow fabric stripe temporarily on the top and bottom of the lamp shade.
I left it so for few days before I could make a decision. I didn't like it.
One Friday evening, I painted the shade with yellow acrylic paint with a brush. 
Three coats of paint later....
It was not the yellow I was more of mustard color.
I repainted the shade with Bright yellow acrylic paint. You can see the difference between the 2 shades of yellow here.
2 coats of paint later. It was the yellow I wanted but it looked too matchy matchy with the headboard.
I had the white grosgrain ribbon which I measured, cut and glued to the shade with fabric glue.
 I glued only the edges on all the 4 sides.

Finally, it's here.
What if I say, this lamp has been replaced with a different one. Yes. From my collection.

Have a wonderful week ahead.