Monday, July 25, 2016


The third bedroom in our home serves as our guest bedroom as well as our home office. We set up our computer and printer in this room. Three years ago we had a small IKEA desk which was too small. Mr. Tweak wanted a wider and deeper desk. It so happened that during those days I was busy with work and school. And I could not spend time to shop online either.

One day Mr. Tweaks shopped online for a "simple desk" and found one. He sent me the link and asked for my opinion. It looked good enough and I told him to go ahead with it.

He ordered it from Target for $130.
A year later, when I was started working on the changes to the guest bedroom, I felt the desk did not fit in. At first, I thought of painting it white. Mr. Tweaks did not find anything wrong with the desk. He could not understand why I wanted to paint a perfectly fine desk.
Mr. also had bought this leather chair from Pier 1 Imports. For me it was too matchy matchy.

Last October our son turned 10 and I had been planning for his room makeover for few months as a surprise for him. I had started shopping for his room six months ahead and had ordered a white Parsons desk.

I had wanted a Parsons desk in white. Something like West Elm's lacquered Parsons desk. But not at the price of $399. 
West Elm
I found that Home Decorators sold a similar one for $199. I went ahead and ordered it. And it stayed unopened in the garage.

Since I still had time for my son's room makeover, I decided to swap the white Parsons desk with the Target desk. The Parsons desk would also match the side table I had used as nightstand.

On the same evening, I came home from work and assembled the table. It took less than 30 minutes to assemble. And the best part was it fit in the space perfectly.
The upholstered chair fit in perfectly with the desk. Glad I had picked white fabric for the upholstery.
The changes in the guest bedroom went on a snail's pace...nearly a year. 
I have couple of updates in the room to share with you all and then I am done.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Our previous IKEA Ektorp sofa was one of those purchases when you are in a desperate need of one and you do not have time to browse online or shop at stores. I just wanted something in white/beige, in the range of $500 and easy to maintain.

And the Ektorp had all of the above. What had inclined me more was that the covers of the sofa were washable considering our kid was 5yrs old at that time.

The sofa was a nice comfy one but the cushions had to be fluffed very often so it did not look saggy; both the back cushions and the seat. The seats were never flat. It never bothered Mr. Tweaks but it did to me.

So I had been shopping for a sofa both online and in stores for sometime. Not seriously though. After browsing so many websites and other blogs, I mentally started making notes what I wanted and what I did not.
  • No cushions either for the back rest or seat of the sofa.
  • Wide enough to seat 3 adult comfortably. We had a space for up to 90" wide sofa.
  • Linen fabric. No microfiber, no velvet and no leather.
  • Simple armrest not curved.
  • Not a bulky looking sofa.
Budget: I was ready to spurge but I did not want to go beyond $1,000. Since I was not purchasing a complete set just a sofa.

And I found this:
Wayfair: $839

Let me share the sofas' that I had shortlisted. There were few other sofas' from different furniture stores but most of them are not available anymore to share with you all.

This one from Macy's has always been my favorite. But the length was 76" wide.
Macy's: $899

This Overstock sofa is 89" long and had fixed backrest and seat. But they sold in just this grey/brown color.
Overstock: $1,020

Wayfair sofa was everything I wanted except the budget.

Wayfair: $1,360

I had shortlisted this one from Overstock but Mr.Tweak didn't like it.
Overstock: $945
There were couple more I had liked at Living Spaces but those not available online anymore to share it with you guys. I had liked this sofa. Even the price. And Living Spaces customizes the upholstery to your liking. But I didn't like any of the fabric color they offered.

Besides, this sofa had more of mid-century look.
Living Spaces: $795
At first I had seen this below sofa on couple other websites who were selling it in the range of $1,500 to $2,000 plus.

And then early 2015, it showed up on Wayfair. It was listed at $950. With taxes, I would have to shell out $1,000 plus.

Few months later, one night I was browsing and saw the price was reduced to $839 and it was tax free. Also I had 10% off coupon from Wayfair. And it showed the sofa under free shipping. The total came to $756. I did not want to wait any longer. I placed the order.

I sold the IKEA sofa on Craigslist for $250. So technically, I spent only $506.

The sofa is 85" wide upholstered in linen. Both the backrest and the seat is tufted so I am thinking there will be no sagging. Only time will tell.

I am yet to click photos for the blog. Meanwhile, I will be back with the Guest bedroom updates.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.