Monday, June 8, 2015


The first item that I chose to work on for the booth were the tile coasters. I made about 10 set of coasters of 4 each.
Once the coasters were ready, Mr. Tweaks wanted to know if he could help me. I asked him to click the pictures of the coasters. I asked him to click each set of coasters. Few minutes later informed me that he was done.

These were the ones I found in the camera.

I was not happy. To which he said I am stressing out myself. Where did that lead to....

My next item: 12"x12" Canvases.

I made these 6 clipboards.

Few of these mirrors:

And 15 of the trays of different sizes and colors. I did not click the pictures of all the trays.

I did paint few plant pots and make 4 of the cake stands. I forgot to take pictures of these. But I did click few pictures on the day of the booth which I will share in my next post. A final post about "on the day at the fair".

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Apologies for MIA. The past few weeks was super busy. I wrote this post on a piece of paper at my son's football game last weekend. But posting it today on the blog....

Three week ago (the fair was on May 9th), I was sorting through the mails that Mr. had dropped on the kitchen table. I picked the our city's monthly guide and when I turned the pages, there on the first page was an announcement about the Annual Spring Fair in our city. It mentioned, there would be booths for arts & crafts, jewelry, vintage and others.
I made a mental note to visit if we could. And I continued going through the rest of the mails.

Later at night, before falling asleep I was evaluating my day when I paused at the Spring Fair event. And the idea of having a booth of my own hit me.

Next morning, I called the City office and spoke to the event coordinator. After introducing myself to her,
Me: Can I have a booth at the fair?
Coordinator: What are you selling?
Me: Nothing as of  now. But I want to. Can I selling something that I tweak? I can send you the pictures?
Coordinator: Sure.

I sent her an email with these pictures:
November of last year, I had mentioned that I donated some coasters that I made. Those coaster were all sold on Amazon. Feeling confident about those coasters, I sent her those pictures too.
And she replied:

I must have shrieked when I read the email. How I know? I co-worker who had walked past my room took 2 steps back to check if I was fine.

I had 15 days (with 2 weekends) to prepare for the fair. So where do I start and what do I tweak?
I went on a trip around the house and wrote down stuffs that friends liked and loved in my home. I finalized that I will tweak trays, mirrors, coasters and pots.

I ordered plain trays online, picked the pots and mirrors from the stores and tiles from home improvement store for the coasters.

Every evening after finishing the chores, I would spend couple of hours working on the tweaks before hitting the bed. Weekends was for spray painting and shopping for the supplies. It was tiring but I was enjoying every bit of it.

In my next post, I will share what stuffs I made for the fair.

Have a wonderful long weekend.