Monday, April 29, 2013


I could not finalize on the color for the powder room. So, I just left it at that and went ahead to look for other items for the room. Since the powder room is so tiny, I wanted to go with either a rectangle or oval shaped mirror.

Weekends, I would visit the stores looking for the mirror. Nothing. Searched on Amazon, ebay and craigslist. Nothing came up that I liked. 
And my budget. Remember this?

Couple of weeks later, during my lunch break at work, I came across this ornamental mirror on craigslist. $20. Score. I forgot to click picture of the mirror. It is exactly like this one below. I have a liking towards these ornate, scroll work, or carved mirrors. Are they not beautiful?


After few email conversation, I picked the mirror on the way home. I was happy to have found what I wanted. Sure, I would change the color. My trusted spray paint. We are BFF.

Now, I was left with $80 to spend for the rest of the tweak.

I love these ornamental mirrors. At present, I have 3 of them in different rooms.
How about you? Do you like these ornamental mirrors?


  1. I love these mirrors also. Even as is or with a makeover. Good deal too. Very pretty.