Monday, July 22, 2013


I am walking you all through our teeny tiny walk-in closet in our Master Bedroom. Its more of a stand-in closet. This is how it was when we moved in. You already have seen the other closet in our Master Bedroom, the sliding door closet.
This closet had 2 rods to hang and 2 shelves. There was no way we could fit all our clothes in this space.
Few months after we moved in, Mr. Tweaks wanted to hire out to add some shelving. He did talk to few closet organizing companies who quoted minimum of $400 to start with. I was not ready to shell out so much when I knew I could DIY for 4th of the price.
One day, I drew a very simple plan on a paper and shared it with Mr. Tweaks which he easily agreed to.
I am so sorry that I do not have pictures of the whole process to share with you all. But I have a post with complete tutorial to share with you all.
I clicked these pictures couple of weeks ago. We had sorted and donated lots of our clothes. Both of ours. Lots. 4 big trash bags full. 
We both share this walk-in closet. The shelves has my stuffs and the right wall belongs to Mr.

Will share the tutorial soon.
Have a fantastic week ahead.

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