Sunday, September 22, 2013


As promised, I have the tutorial for how I installed the shelves in our walk-in closet.
I forgot to click pictures while working on the installation. However, I have some pictures from other bloggers for the step by step.
So this is how I we worked.
The height of this wall in the below picture was 96" and  32" wide. There was a permanent shelf already by the builder which was fixed permanently and I decided to leave it as is and work around this shelf. But I did remove the hanging rod.
I wanted the average distance between my shelves to be around 12" high and 11" deep.
Calculations allowed me to add 5 shelves below the permanent one that the builder built. And add one above that permanent one. In all, I would have 7 shelves. And all 7 for me. That excited me more to start working (I realized later that was not sufficient for me).
Apart from the shelves, I would need lumber for cleats. Cleat is basically 1x2 plywood or lumber for on all three sides of the wall to support the shelf.
We picked both shelves and cleats in melamine. Got them cut to size at the store itself.

And then, I had to wait till the next weekend to start on the work. We shop and prepare for our projects one weekend and try to work and finish the job the next weekend. Or a week later. Or sometimes a month later.
So the next weekend, after clearing the closet space, I measured and marked where I wanted the shelves to go. Marked each shelf 12" apart.
Mr. Tweaks screwed the flat side of cleats to the wall on the 3 sides with the help of leveler.
Once the cleats had all been screwed to the wall, I slide the shelves on them. I did not screw the shelf to the cleats. This is how it looked after all the cleats and shelves were added.

Then I arranged my clothes, handbags and other stuffs. But they did not all fit in. Mr. Tweaks said he can not add more shelves for my clothes. So I had to purge lots of them and sent 3 big bags to Goodwill. Before moving to our new home, I had purged quiet few.

On the right side of the wall, we added one long shelf above the window and also installed a hanging rod for Mr.'s clothing. Exactly the same measurement as the one the builder had built just below the window. The window is a fixed one and will not be missed once the clothes would be hung. 
This is the before picture once again for you guys so you do not have scroll up again.
This is after installing the shelf and the hanging rod.
Mr. Tweaks hangs his shirts/T-shirts on the top hanging rod and trousers/jeans on the lower hanging rod. On the shelf above his shirts are the 3 IKEA fabric storage box in white which has his sweaters and winter wear. I just noticed, there are just 2 of them when I clicked the picture.
I am more of a "out of sight, out of mind" person. So I prefer my stuffs to be visible. More clothing have added to this space since the time the pictures were clicked. Might have to find a different solution to my handbags that are in the lower shelves.

Anyways, this was one of the easiest DIY project. Did not need lot of preparation or planning.
Have you done any such DIY projects which has made things easier for you?

Have a wonderful week ahead !

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